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Why Does My Bluetooth Headset Keep Disconnecting?

A Bluetooth headset is the most convenient way to stay connected while performing other tasks, but if your Bluetooth headset keeps disconnecting, convenience quickly turns into frustration.

Here are the most common reasons why a Bluetooth headset keeps disconnecting:

Low battery icon

Low Battery

If the battery is not fully charged disconnections are more likely. Bluetooth headsets vary in how quickly the battery life runs out. When using a new headset, it is best to monitor how or if a low battery indicator hinders its effectiveness. It’s best to keep the device fully charged.


Interference from another device.

It’s possible that there is interference from another device. For example, some Bluetooth headsets are capable of connecting to more than one device. If two users are attempting to use the same unit, the Bluetooth will interface with the primary connection first.

Better quality devices will have indicators on which connection has paired. Some headsets will automatically attempt to pair with any phones within range. Review and implementation of the manufacturer’s pairing procedures prevent this type of interference.

If your Bluetooth headset disconnects during driving there may be interference from other mobile devices on the road. Wireless devices depend on a certain spectrum to function and multiple devices using the same spectrum can cause disconnection. Higher quality Bluetooth headsets are least likely to have this issue.


If the Bluetooth headset is not compatible with the device it’s trying to connect to, such as a cell phone, smartphone or PC, it will malfunction while in use. Check the headset specifications before purchasing. And seek the assistance of the sales representative. This will help ensure that the Bluetooth headset will function as expected.

Too Many Apps

Too many apps can cause problems.

There may be too many apps running in the background of the device the Bluetooth is attempting to pair with. Certain applications cause interference with the connection, and some devices are limited in the number of applications that can run concurrently. If in doubt, check with the headset manufacturer.


Too much distance can cause dropped connections.

Too much distance between the Bluetooth headset and the connected device can cause dropped connections. The maximum range for most headsets is 32 feet/10 meters. Try moving closer to the device you are connected to. And check the specifications on your headset to see how close you need to be for maximum connectivity.

Duplicate Contacts

Duplicate contacts can cause problems.

Contact lists synchronized to the Bluetooth headset can sometimes cause duplication. At the initiation of a call, the device will try to “read” multiple contact numbers and this sometimes causes a dropped call. Deleting duplicates contacts helps.


It’s best to purchase the highest quality headset possible.

An important point to consider is Bluetooth headset quality. It’s best to purchase the highest quality headset available within your budget: Sound quality, comfort, premium features and less disconnection is important issues to consider.

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