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ALCATEL IP Touch 4028

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Get The Best Headset for your Alcatel IP Touch 4028

Jabra has a long history of close partnership with Alcatel-Lucent and is a member of the Application Partner Program. As a result, Jabra headsets are fully compatible with Alcatel-Lucent phones. We have not only tested our headsets on the Alcatel IP Touch 4028, but we also made sure they're optimized for other Alcatel-Lucent phones.

Our Alcatel-Lucent headsets are customized to fit your work environment. You have many choices when it comes to noise cancellation, wireless range (33 to 460 feet), corded connection (USB, QD, or 2.5-3.5mm plug), mono/stereo, battery (talk, standby and charge time), security and so on.

Jabra has a long history of close partnership with Alcatel-Lucent and is a member of the application partner program.

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