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Be in tune with life

Marc Roberge × Jabra

Be in tune with life

“If you want to be connected to the world around you, but you can feel it slipping away a little bit, there is something out there that will bring you right back into the moment and give you the freedom you’ve been looking for - the Jabra Enhance Plus.”

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Tune-in to the world around you

with Jabra Enhance Plus

As a father and musician, Marc Roberge, lead singer and guitarist in American rock band O.A.R, relies on his hearing.

Like thousands of others however, Marc is increasingly finding that he’s “reaching” when trying to listen to and understand the people around him.

“I could hear, but not necessarily understand what people were saying. I was staring at people trying to lipread and reaching for the sounds. I could feel my grasp on conversations around me slipping away. It was stressful and it was tiring.”

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The problem Marc describes is far from unique to him. As hearing care professional Elissa Lejeune explains, its common, “There are lots of times when patients will come in and describe not being able to hear people around the table. That’s when people start to notice hearing loss and it is one of the most common problems that people have. You hear what’s going on around you, but you don’t understand and you’re constantly filling in the blanks.”

For Marc – and many people like him - a hearing aid wasn’t the answer.

Of all Americans with acknowledged hearing challenges

44% have trouble hearing conversations in a noisy background*
85% experience hearing issues at restaurants, cafés, and bars*
82% experience hearing issues watching TV or digital content with family*

* Ipsos/GN Pre-User Segmentation Survey (1,500 US adults aged 18-69)

Instead, he wanted something that would enhance the sound around him, without purely amplifying all the noise, and that’s where the Jabra Enhance Plus comes in.

These innovative hearing-enhancing earbuds have been specifically engineered to help people focus on what they want to listen to.

The four microphones, intelligently tune in to conversations while tuning out background noise. So, whether you’re chatting with your partner in a busy café, catching up with friends over dinner, or trying to listen to the ‘stories of strangers’, with Jabra Enhance Plus you can focus on the sounds that matter.

As Elissa explains, “What Jabra Enhance Plus does is bring people the understanding they’ve been missing. When Marc put the earbuds in, it was like a light went on. He could once again understand everyone around him and immediately they took his stress away.”

Portrait of Marc Roberge

In Marc’s own words,
“The moment I put ‘the Jabra’s’ in my ears, I felt more connected. They were comfortable and cosy. They felt like they were meant to be there, and I immediately felt free. I no longer need to reach, I don’t have to feel tired, I’m just there. Jabra Enhance Plus enhances the world around me and has given me back my freedom.”

As Marc alludes to, as well as taking away the stress of social situations, these little buds look and feel good too. We’ve used our expert knowledge of the human ear, alongside cutting-edge miniaturization techniques to pack a whole host of tech into this super-compact, comfortable and stylish design.

“Jabra Enhance Plus looks like any other earbud that somebody would pop in their ear to listen to music. It is so inconspicuous that people don’t even realize that it aids hearing for people with mild to moderate hearing loss” notes Elissa, who is aware of the stigma some people feel towards traditional hearing aids.

Jabra Enhance Plus earbuds do more than just enhance your hearing.

Like other, non-hearing enhancing earbuds, you can also make and receive calls through them or play music and listen to podcasts. Catch up with a distant friend or settle in to listen to ‘The Rockville LP’, safe in the knowledge that with Jabra Enhance Plus you’ll hear all the sounds you love.

Jabra Enhance Plus

Miniaturized true wireless earbuds with advanced medical-grade technology. Personalized sound, and crystal-clear conversations, calls, and music.

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