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Vedi le ultime note di rilascio del tuo prodotto Jabra

Versione del rilascio: 1.8.2
Data di rilascio: August 24, 2021


  • Performance and stability improvements.

Cronologia dei rilasci

Versione del rilascio: 1.4.6
Data di rilascio: November 18, 2014


  • MSH corrected, now full MSH functionality on Pro 925
  • Improved echo performance during double talk
  • Default microphone level changed from 9 to 6 on Pro 925

Versione del rilascio: 1.4.4
Data di rilascio: July 11, 2014


  • Production issues corrected.
  • Error correction and stability improvements

Versione del rilascio: 1.4.0
Data di rilascio: April 24, 2014


First firmware release for Pro 925 & Pro 935

Jabra Direct
Personalize your Jabra audio device and get the best user experience on each and every call. Update your Jabra LINK 33 and 41 by downloading the latest version of Jabra Direct for free at

Jabra Xpress
Future proof your Jabra USB audio device investment. Install and update multiple Jabra LINK 33 and 34 within your organization, all at the same time using our web-based software Jabra Xpress available at