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Nota di rilascio per

Versione del rilascio: 1.40.0
Data di rilascio: October 20, 2023


  • Fixed: mute synchronization with Microsoft Teams on macOS
  • Fixed: sudden disconnection/reboot during a call

Cronologia dei rilasci

Versione del rilascio: 1.39.0
Data di rilascio: September 24, 2020


  • Fixed: issue with fluctuating speaker audio in some setups

Versione del rilascio: 1.38.0
Data di rilascio: February 25, 2020


Improved: when speaking at the same time, the person using the speakerphone can more easily be heard by the person on the other end
Improved: Linux support for eLux4
Improved: latency issue when two Jabra Speak 710s are connected 
Improved: touch sensitivity for the Answer/end button and Volume down button
Updated: “Recharge battery” voice prompt when there are approximately 15 minutes of battery remaining
Updated: when an A2DP link is open, added an auto pause/suspend on a second A2DP stream   
Performance and stability improvements

Versione del rilascio: 1.28.0
Data di rilascio: September 06, 2017


  • Small optimization for the volume slider in Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • Minor audio improvements.
  • Minor stability improvements.

We recommend connecting the USB cable directly to the computer, not through the docking station, when updating the firmware.

Note: Requires Jabra Direct version 3.x or later or Jabra Suite for Mac version 2.xx or later.

Download Jabra Direct here or download Jabra Suite for Mac here.

Versione del rilascio: 1.10.0
Data di rilascio: April 03, 2017


  • First public release