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The social distancing tool you never knew you needed.

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180° Panoramic coverage

Three 13-megapixel cameras and patented real-time video stitching gives wall-to-wall coverage.

Intelligent video technology

Intelligent Zoom detects where the people are and automatically adjusts the field of view.

Works with...everything

Works with Zoom, Skype, Bluejeans, Cisco Webex and many more. Certified by Microsoft for use with Teams.

Social distancing, even in small meeting rooms.


Huddling together is off the table for a while, so maybe it’s time to rethink your meetings. When you need to get together while still keeping your distance, a camera with a full 180° view of the room is the social distancing tool you never knew you needed.

With three 13-megapixel cameras and our patented real-time video stitching technology, Jabra PanaCast gives you wall-to-wall coverage of the room in crisp high definition. So, everyone can be included in the frame while keeping a safe distance.

Combine Jabra PanaCast with the Jabra Speak 750 for an optimal video and audio experience that's like a face-to-face meeting. The omni-directional microphone provides 360-degree coverage and picks up sounds from any angle. Certified for Microsoft Teams and works with all UC platforms.

Experience Jabra PanaCast

PanaCast lets you huddle up, without huddling in.


How to connect in your meeting room.


Plug-and-play by bringing your own laptop.

Jabra PanaCast is plug-and-play but you can also combine with a hub or dock that also connects speaker, TV, power and internet, for a simple one-cable user interface.

Integrate with your meeting room solutions.

If you’re deploying Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Teams Rooms or similar integrated solutions, Jabra PanaCast simply plugs into your existing hub, dock or compute unit.

Plug-and-play with your laptop
Part of your meeting room solution
Jabra PanaCast Connection Guide
Jabra PanaCast Connection Guide

Jabra PanaCast ROI Calculator

Enabling better collaboration is just the beginning. There is significant financial savings due to the 180 degree camera, as your real estate is utilized much better with a panoramic view.

Number of rooms
Rent Cost / m2
  • Units
Floor Space Saved
0 m2
Floor Space Wasted / m2 0 m2
Rent Saved 0
Legacy Webcam
72° ← Field of View → 180°
Jabra PanaCast