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First, let's go wireless. Every model in the Elite series is free from wires, meaning you can dance, run, jump or simply take important client calls on the go without worrying about the restrictions of wires. All-day power ensures you're never left without charge too - the Elite 25e enjoys a huge 18-hour battery life: imagine how many albums you can listen to with that. When it comes to the important stuff - sound quality - our products promise to perform beyond your expectations. Connect seamlessly with Bluetooth, enjoy unbelievable clarity and be fully in the moment.

Professional-grade ANC cuts out disruptive chatter and background noise, enabling you to fully focus and communicate without any issues, all while four-microphone technology combats wind to ensure you can hear and be heard when speaking with clients and colleagues outdoors. Customisable equalisers, activated via the Sound+ app, make sure music lovers' needs are met too. Adjust the bass or up the tempo - it'll feel like you're really watching a live performance, straight from the front row.

Take your workouts up a notch

Busy lifestyle? The Elite Active 65t and Elite Sport are designed specifically for you. Engineered to be durable, water-resistant and offering in-ear stability thanks to their secure fit, whatever you choose to do with your day, you can always rely on our sports earphones to deliver the highest all-round performance - no strings attached.

¿Qué es la clasificación IP?

IP significa "Protección de ingreso" y mide qué tan bien está protegido un dispositivo tanto de objetos sólidos como de líquidos. El primer dígito es para el nivel de protección que proporciona el recinto contra objetos sólidos, mientras que el segundo es contra diversas formas de humedad.

¿Qué es la clasificación IP?


El producto es resistente al polvo y a salpicaduras de agua en cualquier dirección

Jabra Elite 25e Jabra Elite 45e Jabra Elite 65e


El producto es resistente al polvo y puede resistir un chorro de agua sostenido y a baja presión.

Jabra Elite 65t Jabra Elite 75t


El producto es resistente al polvo y puede resistir chorros de agua a alta presión y de alta intensidad.

Jabra Elite Active 65t


El producto es totalmente resistente al polvo y puede resistir chorros de agua a alta presión y de alta intensidad.

Jabra Elite Sport Jabra Elite Active 45e

Whatever you need a new pair of headphones for, you can trust that the Elite series from Jabra are the best choice available - for both calls and music. Not sure what model to choose? Just get in touch with our experts, they'll be delighted to help you select the right pair of headphones for your needs.