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Jabra Enhance Plus
Enhance Plus

Jabra Enhance™ Plus


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Note: Currently not compatible with Android

Hear more for less


Jabra Enhance Plus


Prescription hearing aids

Hear better at a fraction of the cost. These OTC hearing-enhancement earbuds are thousands less than the national price of hearing aids.

Enhance the voice, not the noise. Never before has hearing enhancement been so comfortable and easy to use. Slip them in to discreetly boost your hearing at work, rest or play.

Powerful, world-class hearing enhancement
Medical-grade hearing technology in an ultra-compact, true wireless earbud design.
Switch between Focus, Surround and Adaptive Listen Modes, depending on your environment and hearing needs.

Enhance the voice,
not the noise.

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Listen Modes

Switch between Focus, Surround and Adaptive Listen Modes, depending on your environment and hearing needs.

Focus mode

follow every word, focus on the conversation

Surround mode

hear the whole world around you clearly, every day

Adaptive mode

tune in to what’s important in any situation – from meaningful talks to must-do tasks




Up to 12 h
On a single charge
Jabra Enhance Plus
Up to 35 h
With charging case
Jabra Enhance Plus




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Información general de producto

Hearing enhancement

Discreet, miniaturized hearing enhancement

Hear more of what matters

4-mic technology to reduce background noise and improve speech clarity

Tiny, but mighty

Up to 35 hours battery with the charging case

Choose your Listen Mode

Choose between three Listen Modes: Adaptive, Focus, and Surround.

Small and durable

Made from strong, durable materials, Enhance Plus earbuds are built to last.

Jabra Enhance Plus

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