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Anti-Counterfeiting Programme

Jabra is operating an anti-counterfeiting programme against producers, importers and distributors of counterfeit Jabra products.

Jabra is experiencing a high level of activity in terms of the counterfeiting of Jabra products in many regions and markets and has consequently established an anti-counterfeiting programme against producers, importers and distributors of counterfeit Jabra products. The primary products counterfeited are Jabra’s award-winning headset models like Jabra Stone, Jabra BT3030, Jabra EasyGo and many more.

The programme is part of efforts to maintain Jabra’s status as a leading manufacturer and our reputation for creating and supplying high quality hands-free products as well as protecting consumers from counterfeit products that could be dangerous. The counterfeit products have usually not been through official qualification processes, are violating trademarking standards and often have overall poor quality with respect to performance as well as component construction.  They also have potential safety issues that may cause harm to consumers.  The counterfeit products often fail to offer the same level of interoperability and support as legitimate Jabra products, resulting in high returns rates and customer dissatisfaction.

Trafficking (producing, distributing, selling, transporting, importing, and exporting) counterfeit goods and their labels and packaging is a criminal offence in most countries.  In many countries a conviction for counterfeiting carries very substantial fines and imprisonment.  In addition to criminal prosecution, civil lawsuits and damages may be pursued against counterfeiters.  The law in most countries provides for the seizure and destruction of counterfeit goods whether or not criminal convictions are obtained or civil damages are awarded.

Jabra’s anti-counterfeiting programme involves amongst other things:

  • identifying counterfeit product producers, importers and distribution.
  • planning and execution of appropriate legal action against counterfeit product producers and distribution which may include preliminary injunctions and lawsuits.
  • planning and execution of raids against counterfeit product producers and distributors.
  • working with customs authorities to intercept and confiscate counterfeit products.

To avoid the risk of buying a counterfeit Jabra product you should purchase Jabra products from authorised Jabra distributors and dealers only. Purchasing Jabra branded products on internet auction sites at very low prices often involves a high risk of receiving counterfeit products.

We would also like to join with you, our customers, in identifying the sale and distribution of counterfeit products. This will increase the effectiveness of our enforcement action while increasing consumer satisfaction.

Jabra requests that you report known or suspected counterfeits to us by using the following email address: counterfeit@jabra.com11

Samples of counterfeit products should be given to your local Jabra shop.

We appreciate your support in stopping counterfeiters and their activities to limit the harm they may cause our mutual customers and the industry.