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Jabra CC Workspace Plug-ins

Designed to extend the value of your Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition solution, these two free software plug-ins from Jabra help improve call centre agents’ efficiency.

Installing the plug-ins together with the Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition allows agents to control active calls directly from their headset controls.

  • 100% compliant with the Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition solution
  • Easy to integrate and to deploy onto agents’ desktops
  • Free of charge

Download the plug-ins

  • Plug-in for Call Control
  • Plug-in for End Interaction

Configure the device buttons for your needs.

  • Mute, answer call, end call and hold call
  • End Interaction

Deploy the plug-ins with the desktop application.

Plug-in for Call Control

This Plug-in provides intuitive call handling on any Jabra professional headset using the Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition. Use the control buttons to accept and end a call, mute or put a call on hold. Your Workspace admin console allows you to customize your headsets and decide which functionality is available to your agent.

  • For agents using any Jabra USB headset

Plug-in for End Interaction

Productivity of your agents is paramount. Streamline the interaction of your agents with the Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition application by putting the most frequent interactions with the client right at your agents’ fingertips. Out of the box, the Jabra CC Workspace Plug-in reprograms contact center specific headsets to manage your agents’ sessions; simply pressing a button ends an active session within Workspace.

You can also use this framework to develop your own custom solution and assign any of the Workspace commands to dedicated buttons on the headset.

  • For agents using Jabra USB headsets, including Jabra Biz 2300 and Jabra Biz 2400 II headsets
  • For agents using Jabra QD headsets with the Jabra Link 260/265 USB adapter.

Easy for IT Administrators

Fully compliant with the Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition solution and easy to deploy with only a small footprint on agents’ workstations.

Easy for contact center agents

Manage conversations seamlessly with one-touch call control, for and a better customer experience.

Integration support

Find integration support