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Jabra Xpress

Engineered to boost productivity with always updated headsets Upgrade your business with smart, secure and free headset analytics and management tools.

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Get access

Download Jabra Xpress

You are now about to get started with the On Premise version of Jabra Xpress 2.0. Please note that Jabra Xpress 2.0 can be installed on your own server or on any environment such as your own cloud, AWS or similar cloud service. By using the On Premise version, all communication between Jabra Xpress 2.0 and Jabra devices is controlled by your company and within your firewall.

How to activate Jabra Xpress 2.0 On Premise:

Step 1. Download and install the Jabra Xpress docker container

Download docker container
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Step 2. Update and deploy

  • Add the backend URLs for analytics, manifest and firmware to Jabra Xpress 2.0.
  • Deploy Jabra Direct 2.0.
  • Update the docker container version for any Jabra device you want to manage.


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Jabra Xpress for Linux OS





Download datasheet (PDF)

Jabra Xpress for Linux OS


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Support content including user manuals, FAQs, video tutorials, and more.