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Jabra launches a new wireless headset designed to keep frontline workers connected wherever they are

Jabra Perform 45

  • Jabra Perform 45 empowers frontline workers with its discreet wireless Bluetooth® mono headset

  • Easily integrated with Push-To-Talk platforms, the headset brings optimised communication in frontline worker environments

  • It is engineered for all-day wearing with outstanding comfort, flexibility, and ease-of-use

Copenhagen, 18th October 2022 – Jabra, a leader in personal sound, video, and office solutions, is launching the Jabra Perform 45, the first in its new Jabra Perform product series that is set to help digitally transform frontline workers. Research* revealed that many frontline workers feel they lack the right technology and access to information to do their job effectively. The discreet Bluetooth® mono headset addresses these concerns with its compact design and Push-to-Talk (PTT) button. Frontline workers can gain direct access to other colleagues instantly and make faster, informed decisions, boosting their productivity and performance within the business, as well as enhancing customer satisfaction.

Connectivity made simple Minimal button interactions and intuitive button placements are essential for those who are darting between the shop floor and the stock room so they can find the right buttons fast. With the PTT button directly on the headset, any urgent questions can be answered, and problems can be solved almost instantly no matter where the employees are. The PTT feature is unique in a headset form factor and helps make workers more productive.

The PTT button works with leading platforms like Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie and Zebra Workforce Connect straight out of the box and can be integrated with the business’ preferred platform using the Jabra SDK. For a full overview of the devices used by the business, employers can use the Jabra Xpress management software which allows users to keep track, update, and customise all devices across the whole organisation.

Crystal clear communication, anywhere Noise is a constant challenge for most frontline workers. For this reason, the Jabra Perform 45 is equipped with an advanced ultra-noise-cancelling microphone that removes up to 80% of background noise, helping co-workers to hear each other correctly right the first time. The speaker has also been optimised for speech clarity, allowing for smooth, uninterrupted communication on both ends.

Moreover, the Face2Face feature in the headset helps to ensure that customers always have the workers’ full attention. This feature is activated by lifting the microphone boom arm to a vertical position, which mutes all incoming audio. When the employee is ready to re-engage with colleagues on the PTT channel, they simply need to pull the boom arm back down to receive PTT messages again.

Jabra Perform 45

Comfortable, lightweight design for all-day use When working in a busy environment, it is essential for frontline workers to have a lightweight headset that does not weigh them down. The compact Jabra Perform 45, which weighs just 18g, fits comfortably and discreetly around whichever ear the workers prefer to wear it on, ensuring that they always appear approachable and professional to customers. It comes with three sizes of EarGel™, so workers can find the fit that feels right for them – be it on the left or right ear.

"We are reminded more than ever of the essential role of frontline workers across industries like healthcare, hospitality, warehouse and retail. They are the glue which binds the entire operation together, so we knew that our new line, Jabra Perform, needed products that can help frontline workers do their job better. Our hope is for frontline workers to have everything they need within finger’s reach with the Jabra Perform 45 headset so they can assist their colleagues and customers and can remain in the zone no matter where they are,” says Yves Dupuis, SVP at Jabra.

Key features of the Jabra Perform 45:

  • Small, lightweight, and discreet design – Workers will be comfortable all-day and always look approachable to customers. It is easy to sanitise and is durable, with IP54-rated protection from dust and water
  • 80% noise-cancelling microphone and crystal-clear sound – Keeps communication smooth and without disruption
  • Push-to-Talk – Enables instant communication with colleagues
  • Easy to set up and intuitive to use – Minimal button presses and has an intuitive, durable, simple-to-sanitise design
  • Extensive battery life and range - up to 20 hours of Push-to-Talk usage, or up to 8 hours if it is just being used for calls, and up to 100m / 300ft wireless range. Universal USB-C charging and compatible with 5-Bay Charging Stand
  • Moveable boom arm – Able to mute all incoming audio instantly, allowing for increased focus on customers
  • Able to customise and manage devices – via Jabra Direct and Xpress software and available for integration with free SDK

Jabra Perform 45 pricing and availability

Jabra Perform 45 is available now for distribution as well on Amazon and, MSRP: $149/€129. Find out more about Jabra Perform 45 at

Find out more about Jabra Perform 45

*Sources: Microsoft Work Trend Index Special Report 2022, Data Select Frontline Workers


Claus Fonnesbech
Senior Director, PR & Communications, Jabra
+45 2588 4107

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