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Releaseopmerkingen voor

Releaseversie: 4.2.9
Releasedatum: May 23, 2023


New feature: On-device Background Effects feature added
Fixed: Camera feed showing as green when used in certain scenarios
Fixed: PanaCast 20 now works with Discord
Performance and stability improvements


Releaseversie: 3.2.6
Releasedatum: October 18, 2022


  • New feature: option to enable or disable 4K video resolution via Jabra Direct
    • 4K video resolution is enabled per default
    • If disabled, Jabra PanaCast 20 support 2K video resolution
  • Updated: LED behavior when used for audio only is changed to green
  • Performance and stability improvements

Releaseversie: 2.9.0
Releasedatum: April 28, 2022


New feature: adjustments made to image quality can be saved
Updated: performance of Intelligent Zoom
Fixed: electronic noise could be picked up by the microphones
Performance and stability improvements

Releaseversie: 2.8.7
Releasedatum: November 25, 2021


New feature: LED notification on the camera in low light conditions
Updated: Intelligent Zoom performance
Updated: USB 2.0 support if power current on the USB port is higher than 500mA
Fixed: certain enumeration issues
Performance and stability improvement

Releaseversie: 2.7.27
Releasedatum: October 21, 2021


  • First public release