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출시 정보(대상):

릴리스 버전: 2.47
릴리스 날짜: December 04, 2019

Performance and stability improvements

릴리스 기록

릴리스 버전: 2.46
릴리스 날짜: August 30, 2017


  • Minor improvements

릴리스 버전: 2.44
릴리스 날짜: March 01, 2017


  • Minor bug fix

릴리스 버전: 2.43
릴리스 날짜: January 20, 2017


  • New feature - Ringtone in headset (Bluetooth) - when connected to Jabra BT headsets optimized to work with Jabra Link 360
  • Update to disconnect function when used with Surface Pro 3
  • Improvement to ring/hook function when used with Aastra and Mitel phones
  • Improvement to functionality when used with Mitel 6867i, 6869i and 6739i phones
  • Minor bug fix when used with Cisco 9951 and 8891 IP phones
  • Minor bug fixes

릴리스 버전: 1.24.0
릴리스 날짜: February 03, 2015


  • Minor update.

릴리스 버전: 1.22.0
릴리스 날짜: November 10, 2013


  • Auto pairing – Disable/enable option via Jabra PC Suite


  • Improved Windows8 integration
  • Improved MAC OSx integration
  • General audio and stability improvements
  • We highly recommend to update the Jabra Link 360 if you use the product in combination with Jabra SPEAK 510, Jabra Supreme UC or Jabra Motion UC.

    Jabra Direct
    Personalize your Jabra audio device and get the best user experience on each and every call. Update your Jabra LINK 360 by downloading the latest version of Jabra Direct for free at

    Jabra Xpress
    Future proof your Jabra USB audio device investment. Install and update multiple Jabra LINK 360 within your organization, all at the same time using our web-based software Jabra Xpress available at

    릴리스 버전: 1.0.3
    릴리스 날짜: July 06, 2012


    First public release