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Udgivelsesnoter for

Udgivelsesversion: 3.10.8
Udgivelsesdato: July 14, 2022


Updated: added 3D Noise Reduction (3DNR) filter to reduce the picture noise and improve the image quality for all video resolutions and modes
Fixed: occasional video tear issues when zooming in and out in Zoom Rooms
Fixed: frame repeats and horizontal splits while zooming in on USB 2.0
Fixed: video freeze when continuously going in and out of deep zoom (zoom level 36) on USB 2.0
Fixed: occasional image tearing when streaming video on specific AMD-based PCs
Performance and stability improvements


Udgivelsesversion: 3.9.17
Udgivelsesdato: November 23, 2021


Fixed: rare video split issue at 640*360 resolution
Fixed: occasional distorted video at 640*360 resolution

Udgivelsesversion: 3.9.15
Udgivelsesdato: July 14, 2021


  • Fixed: people count issue when the camera is not streaming
  • Performance and stability improvements

Udgivelsesversion: 3.9.12
Udgivelsesdato: February 23, 2021


• New feature: Deep Zoom added for 640p and 960p resolutions*
• Updated: improved video quality - image enhancement
• Updated: Vivid HDR is turned off by default**
• Updated: improved accuracy for People Detection and Intelligent Zoom
• Updated: range increased to 5.8m/19ft for People Detection and Intelligent Zoom 
• Fixed: occasional freeze issues when using Microsoft Teams
• Performance and stability improvements

* Jabra PanaCast delivers raw images, without stitching, when you zoom in beyond 3x (zoom level 35).
** You can turn on Vivid HDR in Jabra Direct.

Udgivelsesversion: 3.8.25
Udgivelsesdato: October 28, 2020


  • Performance and Stability improvements

Udgivelsesversion: 3.8.22/3.8.15
Udgivelsesdato: August 12, 2020

Note: Firmware version 3.8.22 is only available through Windows updates with the Microsoft Teams Rooms solution. The details below only apply to firmware version 3.8.22.


  • New feature: Microsoft Teams Rooms certified
  • Update: Enhanced color control values (brightness, contrast, sharpness and saturation) for better image quality
  • Update: Intelligent Zoom and Vivid features will now be disabled by default*
  • Performance and stability improvements

*Features can be enabled in Jabra Direct again as needed.

Version 3.8.15 is available in Jabra Direct and Jabra Xpress.

Udgivelsesversion: 3.8.15
Udgivelsesdato: October 31, 2019


  • Updated: Improved support for mute and volume control
  • Updated: Improved color control values like Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness & Saturation for better image quality
  • Updated: Improved zoom functionality
  • Performance and stability improvements

Udgivelsesversion: 3.7.18
Udgivelsesdato: August 15, 2019


  • First public release for Jabra Panacast