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Technology for life’s new rhythm

It’s time to
Speak Up

Speak2. The next generation of the world-leading Speak Series*

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Technology for life’s new rhythm


Forget everything you think you know about portable speakerphones. We’re tearing up the rule book with the new Speak2 Range, featuring Super-wideband audio** and advanced full-range speakers. This cutting-edge tech puts you front and centre, unscrambling all of the possible frequencies in your voice’s natural range.
It’s a dramatically more powerful audio experience.


The challenge

The original Jabra Speak Series revolutionised the way we work, bringing professional-sounding collaboration for every size of meeting room. But the world of work has changed.

of all meetings are now either fully remote or hybrid.*
of employees say they often feel left out of the conversation in hybrid meetings.*
say they can't hear what's being said in hybrid meetings.

With 80% of meetings now being either fully virtual or hybrid*, how can you make sure everyone in the meeting can participate equally whether there are joining from a meeting room, café or their campervan?

*Jabra Hybrid Ways of Working Global Report, 2022

Meet Speak2.

Building on what you love about Speak, with Speak2 you can expect a collaboration experience that’s better in every single way.

You’ll get Super-wideband audio for dramatically more powerful sound, 4 state-of-the-art beamforming microphones, advanced Full Duplex audio, a unique Microphone Quality Indicator and Voice Level Normalization technology.

The sleek new premium design is more portable and durable than ever before, with a longer battery life and it’s made from sustainable materials so it’s better for the planet.

Enjoy more seamless, equitable and productive hybrid working.

It’s time to speak up.

Technology engineered for hybrid working
Meeting equity: Inclusion & natural conversations
Advanced Audio Technology

Microphone Quality Indicator shows you how well your voice is being picked up

Flexibility with built-in USB-A and USB-C connectivity

Full Duplex allows both ends to speak and be heard at the same time

Voice Level Normalization equalises all voice to the same volume level

4 cutting-edge mics with exceptional noise cancellation

Super-wideband audio for richer sound

Ready to Speak Up?

The best professional speakerphone for hybrid working.
Key Feature Super-wideband audio and a full-range 65mm speaker
Battery Life (talk-time) Up to 32 hours
Connectivity USB C or USB A, Bluetooth (for smartphone/tablet only)
Bluetooth® version 5.2
Bluetooth Link Adapter Jabra Link 380* *variant dependent
Weight 466g | 16.44oz
Wireless range 30m/98ft
Microphone Digital MEMS
Full Duplex audio Yes
Next-generation flexible speakerphone with outstanding professional audio.
Key Feature Full duplex audio for natural conversations
Battery Life (talk-time) Up to 12 hours
Connectivity USB C or USB A, Bluetooth (for smartphone/tablet only)
Bluetooth® version 5.1
Bluetooth Link Adapter -
Weight 280g | 9.88oz
Wireless range 30m/98ft
Microphone Digital MEMS
Full Duplex audio Yes
Next-generation professional audio in a portable speakerphone.
Key Feature Voice Level Normalization equalises all voices
Battery Life (talk-time) N/A
Connectivity USB C or USB A
Bluetooth® version N/A
Bluetooth Link Adapter N/A
Weight 245g | 8.64oz
Wireless range N/A
Microphone Digital MEMS
Full Duplex audio Yes

See the original Speak series

*See **Speak2 75 only

The new standard.

The way we work is changing. We spend 20% more time collaborating than we did six years ago, but available concentration time has shrunk by 10%.

We’ve re-engineered our world-leading Evolve Series, allowing us to bring you significant performance enhancements across the board. A new standard of noise isolation, improved busylight and richer audio for both calls and music. The Evolve2 range is based on a upgradeable platform that will add even more value and future proof your investment.

These are professional headsets, but not as you know them. Welcome to the new standard.

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