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Kick-start your career
as an intern at Jabra

An internship at Jabra is not just about doing entry level tasks. We believe in supporting and developing your skills and knowledge while you are with us and give you opportunities to truly work as part of our teams, not just watch from the sidelines. Our interns collaborate with us on real live projects, sometimes with major partners, gaining valuable insight into how we work and make tangible contributions during their time with us. In short, a Jabra internship is a chance to really work with us, not just gain some experience.

We are looking for someone who is passionate about online marketing and love working with content management, web design and frontend code. You will be part of an online team and your work will include designing and developing content for our website and other online platforms, including Amazon and other key retailers, that is seen by millions of people.

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    We’re an established, global brand with the energy, excitement and growth of a start-up. Who said you can’t have it all?

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    We’re used to collaborating in meeting rooms, virtually, in hybrid situations, through time zones and across borders. And we’ve got the best products in the business to make it possible.

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    We’re a vibrant bunch, and we thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. We blend a vast mix of working styles, but we all have one thing in common: we do what we love, and we definitely love what we do.

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    People don’t belong in boxes, so we won’t put you in one. Your passions, values, ambitions and quirks are all welcome here. We celebrate individuality and we’re steadily building a more diverse place to work.

Getting here

We are located in Ballerup, less than 2 km from Malmparken station. You can reach it by car, or by public transportation.

By bus or train

Busses pass Jabra and Malmparken is less than 2 km away, 20 minutes by walking or 10 minutes by bike.

Trains depart from Copenhagen Central station every 10 minutes and all trains stops at Malmparken.

Get directions

"During my internship, I worked a great deal with Amazon and other key retailers for Jabra. The experience you acquire is beneficial both personally and professionally. It is without a doubt a resume differentiator! Jabra is an incredible place to be, and you feel at home from day one. I was fortunate to start my journey with Jabra as a student assistant, conduct an internship, and recently secure a full-time position."

- Nikolay, former intern at Jabra

"During my 4 month internship, I went from basic HTML knowledge to being able to design full webpages through the great guidance of my colleagues. These skills were essential in landing my first full time job - also within Jabra."

- Terese, former intern at Jabra

"I had a very good internship experience. Jabra is a fast-moving company and I had to use my skills and come up with ideas from day 1. I helped them launch their e-com sites, and I instantly felt like a part of the team. After my internship, I was lucky to continue as a consultant and today I have a full time position."

- Martin, former intern at Jabra

"Before starting at Jabra I was scared I would only be working with a variety of low-tech tasks, as Jabra is a relatively big company. It’s often what you hear from other interns… This was not the case here, from day one I was met with challenging tasks and I also had the responsibility for different smaller projects. I have learned a lot and have developed my skills within my area."

- Thomas, former intern at Jabra