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Jabra + Metaswitch

Engineered for collaboration and the best customer service

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Overcome barriers to UC adoption, power customer satisfaction and smarter decisions with Jabra + Metaswitch
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Jabra devices have certified interoperability with the Metaswitch platform

Metaswitch delivers best-of-breed, cloud-native software solutions for voice, UC and CC.  The software acts as the foundation for hundreds of Service Providers worldwide to build their cloud-based services to offer their customers.

Jabra partners with Metaswitch and has certified interoperability with the Metaswitch platform to offer seamless Remote Call Control (RCC) features from either the platform or the device. This enables the Service Provider partners of Metaswitch to quickly integrate Jabra into their own service offers and offer a seamless, high quality, crystal clear, reliable voice experience to their own partner channels and end-customers.

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The new standard.

The way we work is changing. We spend 20% more time collaborating than we did six years ago, but available concentration time has shrunk by 10%.

We’ve re-engineered our world-leading Evolve Series, allowing us to bring you significant performance enhancements across the board. A new standard of noise isolation, improved busylight and richer audio for both calls and music. The Evolve2 range is based on a upgradeable platform that will add even more value and future proof your investment.

These are professional headsets, but not as you know them. Welcome to the new standard.

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