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Informacje o wersjach dla

Wersja wydania: 2.15.0
Data wydania: December 17, 2020


• Fixed: charging issue when connected to a Windows 10 PC
• Fixed: battery status is not displayed in Jabra Direct when connected via USB in some scenarios
• Performance and stability improvements

Historia wydań

Wersja wydania: 2.11.0
Data wydania: November 01, 2018


  • Updated: support for Dutch language
  • Fixed: Multiuse™ issue with metallic and crackling noise on iPhone 5/6/7
  • Fixed: voice announcement (call number/contact name) issue with incoming calls on iPhone
  • Performance and stability improvements

Wersja wydania: 2.7.0
Data wydania: December 12, 2016


  • Feature and stability improvements
  • LED behavior improvements
  • Support for EU/US Noise At Work and G616 guidelines with the Jabra Direct 3.6, and Jabra Xpress service release 13.

Jabra Direct
Personalize your Jabra audio device and get the best user experience on each and every call. Update your Jabra Stealth UC by downloading the latest version of Jabra Direct for free at

Jabra Xpress
Future proof your Jabra USB audio device investment. Install and update multiple Jabra Stealth UC headsets within your organization, all at the same time using our web-based software Jabra Xpress available at

Wersja wydania: 2.2.0
Data wydania: May 19, 2015


  • Firmware V2.2.0 enable support for Jabra Connect smartphone App.

Wersja wydania: 2.0.0
Data wydania: April 23, 2015


  • First public release