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Jabra precision. It’s like a Swiss watch

by Peter Hartmann | June 23, 2017

Inside our products we have some amazing tech, but just as advanced is how we put it all together – cleverly assembling components and testing using unique processes that have been developed by Jabra, for Jabra.

A house, they say, is only as good as the foundation it’s built on. Jabra understands that alongside the best-in-class technology we engineer, the ‘foundation’ that lets it stand proud is the process everything else was built around. It’s about how we miniaturize, how we stress test, how we assemble, fit and seal our products.

Take the Elite Sport. It combines a long-lasting battery with a built-in heart rate monitor, a host of advanced electronics, Bluetooth connection and, of course, speakers and four microphones that provide our HearThrough technology and amazing sound for call clarity and a great music-listening experience. In addition to all of this, we built it to standards that allow us to offer a 3-year limited warranty against failure from sweat damage*.

And we did all of this for a true wireless device that fits snugly in the ear. The technology is clearly advanced, but so too is the process that allows us to build so small, and so well, and with warranties that back up our claims.

The power in our process

The technology is ‘what’ we offer, but the process of designing and constructing is ‘how’ we deliver it. Part of the secret to the ‘how’ can be found in Jabra’s uniquely developed assembly methods. From our 3D designs and planning, to the use of specific factory methods, we develop in-house because no one knows our sound solutions better than we do.

To offer sweat resistance, we developed particular methods of gluing and bonding. How we develop components, integrate them and house them is itself something special – one that can involve numerous months of intensive work. It might surprise you to know, for example, that we spent almost an entire year developing a specific gluing method that became the one we use for constructing Elite Sport.

It’s one thing to have an idea – to think about a great technological feature our devices could have – but it’s another thing entirely to take industrial design and manage how various parts are created, and then specially molded, so as to fit together perfectly. As described by one of our lead designers:

“It has to fit together like a Swiss watch. It has to be that special. And what’s really special at Jabra is how we design something and then design an assembling process to go with it.”

Another great example of this is found in the process sequencing that allows for a battery and components to fit in the ear, or to be house in a curved neckband – as found in the Jabra Halo Smart.

Stress testing

Once a product has been designed, formed and specially assembled, we then put it to the test. At Jabra, that’s a special process, too. We have our own in-house certification process, and that means industrial testing in various environments, and against different chemicals.

However, we go one step further, testing products against stress, temperature, and salt water. These are highly accelerated testing methods – in some cases continuous testing for a whole month – and it ensures we can offer, for example in the Elite Sport, water or sweat resistance with a 3-year limited warranty.

We have assessment processes that provoke materials in ways that allow us to see how they will be affect over extended periods of time. Some harsh environment testing involves gas-tight environments with heat – to check sealing and to see how it affects internal components. The exact methods, of course, took many years to develop and can’t be detailed on our blog.

Unlike others on the market

Every headset and/or earbud manufacturer is working with similar plastics, metals and rubber. How then can Jabra offer warranties that others can’t?

The process behind how we combine and test, is unique. When we say we engineer sound solutions, we’re not just talking about speakers and microphones. We’re also talking about specially developed assembly processes that support the amazing sound technology we deliver.

When we say we engineer for you, we’re talking about every step of the way – from the very first test model to the final product packaged and waiting for you in a store.


*Certain conditions apply


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