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Jabra Halo Smart
Halo Smart
Jabra Halo Smart

So comfortable you’ll forget it’s there

Product features

Bend it for the perfect fit

Access Siri® / Google Now™ with one touch

Keep your earbuds in place

Red Halo Smart earbud Red Halo Smart earbud
Blue Halo Smart earbud Blue Halo Smart earbud
Black Halo Smart earbud Black Halo Smart earbud

Available in 3 colors

(Some colors may be unavailable in your country)

  • There is an app for that

    Jabra Assist is the most powerful voice assistant on the market, allowing you to completely revolutionize your call experience, read out messages* view your battery meter, and much more.

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    * Text messages read out is for Android only

  • Advanced Battery Meter

    For Android users, the Jabra Assist app allows you to track your exact battery usage and suggests when to charge your Jabra Halo Smart next, giving you total peace-of-mind when on-the-go.

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  • Message read-out

    (For Jabra Halo Smart - Android only)

    You can now have incoming text, social text messages, calendar notifications and emails read out to you, without needing to look at your phone.

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  • Find my Jabra/Car

    Never lose your headset or your car again. Every time your headset is used, its position is geotagged, so if you misplace it you can find it on the map of your smartphone. You can even activate your headset to make a sound, making it easier to find.

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  • Setup guidance

    Access to easy, animated step-by-step guide to help you through the pairing process, and how to get the most out of your device.

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Jabra Halo Smart

Calls and music with amazing sound.

  • Up to 17 hours battery time
  • Wind and water resistant
  • Siri™ and Google Now™ with one touch

Temporarily out of stock. Scheduled to ship in 10-15 days.

Product support

Support content including User Manuals, FAQs, Video Tutorials, and more.

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