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Jabra Security Center

At Jabra, we understand that information security is your top priority.

To help us identify potential areas for improvement in data protection and security, we welcome all feedback from our community regarding possible vulnerabilities in our products. When you report a potential security issue to us, we’ll work together with you to ensure that, if a fix is required, it’s made available for all of our users as quickly as possible.

To contact the Jabra Product Security Office, or to report a potential product security issue, please write to

Date ID Title
2024-04-15 Arbitrary Code Execution in Jabra Direct Online application A potential vulnerability initially reported by RIPEDA Consulting on 2023-12-23 affecting the handling of the Electron fuse 'RunAsNode' has been addressed in Jabra Direct release 6.14.08801
2024-03-19 CVE-2023-4863 (update) The vulnerability has been fully addressed in Jabra Direct release 6.13.01801 while Personal Base Screen Image feature has been reverted back
2023-10-18 CVE-2023-4863 The vulnerability has been addressed in Jabra Direct release 6.11.28601 by removing the Personal Base Screen Image which was available for Jabra Engage 75
2021-04-22 Security Incident Bulletin Version 2.0 KNOB and BIAS Bluetooth vulnerabilities