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Release version: 4.4.1
Release date: June 24, 2021


  • Fixed: a rare issue causing the base to reboot when used with Mitel Telepo
  • Performance and stability improvements

Release history

Release version: 4.2.0
Release date: June 09, 2020


• New features:
Supports data analytics integrations for the following:

   DECT density and error logging*

   • Headset interaction logging*

   • Simple speech analytics*

   • Audio exposure logging*

   • Noise level guidance*
• New feature: Call begin tone. Option to change default setting from “Call initiated” to “Audio initiated” so a tone is played in the headset when the audio link to the base is established**.
• Fixed: the headset does not wake up from powernap on an incoming call.
• Fixed: secondary headset docked in a base that are in powernap is not paired correctly the base in certain cases
• Updated: headset does not re
pair each time when connected to the base if easy pairing is set to on.   
• Performance and stability improvements

*available later in 2020 in Jabra Xpress and Jabra SDK.
**requires that Audio announcements are set to Voice or Tones.

Release version: 3.4.1
Release date: August 05, 2019


  • New feature: A2DP support for music streaming
  • New feature: Superior and safe (Intellitone 2.0, Speech Level Normalization, Intelligent Acoustic Shock Protection) read more in the technical white paper: Safetone™located here:
  • Fixed: USB dropout experienced on some thin clients
  • Fixed: audio dropout when used for calls with Microsoft Teams
  • Performance and stability improvements

Release version: 2.1.1*
Release date: March 20, 2019

  • Fixed: USB connectivity stability
  • Performance and stability improvements

*Note: Supported by Jabra Direct 2.0 (version 4.x or later). Download at

Release version: 2.0.5
Release date: December 11, 2018


  • New feature: Added ability to use headset as a wired headset. Press and hold either the Mute, Volume up, or Volume down button, while simultaneously plugging the headset into a USB port.
  • New feature/Jabra Engage 75: Added options to “Audio protection” setting on the base > Advanced menu.
  • New feature: Added “Off” option for “Audio announcements” setting.
  • New feature/Jabra Engage 75: Added “Ringtone in headset” setting to the base > Advanced menu.
  • New feature/Jabra Engage 75: Added ability to reconnect to a mobile device from the base.
  • New feature/Jabra Engage 75: Added ability to use the base name as the Bluetooth device name.
  • Updated/Jabra Engage 75: Added “Product information” details on the base > Advanced menu.
  • Updated: Improved call handling for multiple calls from the base and headset when not using an EHS adapter.
  • Updated: Improved pairing of base with headset after a Power Nap or reboot.
  • Fixed: Reduced time needed to establish an audio link.
  • Fixed/Jabra Engage 75: Optimized display performance.
  • Fixed: Uncommon issues when docking headset to end calls.
  • Fixed: Improved mute feature in various scenarios.
  • Performance and stability improvements.

Release version: 1.9.19
Release date: October 19, 2018


  • Fixed: echo issues observed with some desk phones when connected via 4-wire
  • Fixed: missing ringtone for certain mobile phones
  • Performance and stability improvements

Release version: 1.9.15
Release date: September 05, 2018


  • Resolved an issue sometimes seen when used with Elux 4.
  • Resolved an issue when using IQ mode with Panasonic phones.
  • Resolved an audio issue (metallic noise) when used via USB with Mitel 6940 phones.

Release version: 1.9.13
Release date: July 06, 2018


  • Change name of Text Language pack to "Global" (instead of "EMEA/APAC")
  • ”Current Call feature” is not working once you merge the call.
  • Solved a challenge where audio sometimes dropped out every 20 seconds on secondary USB, if muted.
  • Solved a reboot challenge when docking headset to end merged call.
  • Solved an issue where the volume level was not always preserved for next call.
  • Updated Caller ID – to show name of phone in case no Caller ID available (instead of ”Unknown Caller”).
  • Improved volume synchronization with Bluetooth devices.
  • Solved an issue where sidetone was still enabled for desk phone even if sidetone was disabled.
  • Improved Audio experience when handling multiple calls on multiple phones and modes.
  • Updated User Equalizer (bass, treble and normal) to take immediate effect if changed during call.
  • Improvements for headset mute when used on Citrix platform.
  • Added the missing ringtone when used with Jabra GN1000 hooklifter.
  • Improvements to Desk phone setup with Electronic Hooklifters.

Release version: 1.8.4
Release date: April 25, 2018


  • Stability improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Release version: 1.8.0
Release date: April 05, 2018


  • First public release