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Does Advice From Fitness Experts Confuse You Too?

by Peter Hartmann | Jan 18, 2018

Forget about the latest fitness trends. The best workouts are the ones where we listen to our bodies. Are you ready for the intelligent workout?

Why is workout advice always so contradictory?

We can’t visit a fitness site or thumb through a magazine without an “expert” sharing the newest theory on how to get in shape. Trouble is, it’s usually the opposite of what we heard last time.

One day it’s “sprints and short runs.” Then it’s “long runs at a deliberate pace.”

Later, it’s “don’t run at all; bike. It’s easier on your knees.”

Are you as confused as I am?

Maybe we don’t need the advice of others on how to best get in shape. Perhaps we just need an exercise program that’s personalized to us, our bodies and our fitness goals.

That’s why we recently introduced the Jabra Elite Sport, today’s most technically advanced sports headphones. They’re the perfect example of how technology can adapt to humans instead of us having to adapt to it.

It has a high-tech integrated app to analyze and monitor our fitness. In-ear audio coaching. Life of up to 9 hours (3 hours initially and 6 more from the charging case) on a charge. Secure, unique wearing style with one or both earbuds. And of course, superior sound.

Jabra Elite Sport is ideal for all of us who enjoy an intense, intelligent workout. One that ignores the advice of the so-called experts and instead makes sense for us, no matter what our fitness goals – burning fat and shedding a few pounds, improving cardio health or preparing for a marathon.

Not Just Any Workout… An Intelligent Workout

An intelligent workout is one where we make fitness decisions based on real-time visibility into our health and an understanding of our fitness objectives. With an intelligent app that monitors our vital signs and understands what our body is telling us, we can decide for ourselves when to push our training to the limit and when to back off.

An intelligent workout is one where we have the freedom to exercise when, where and how we want, without restrictions. Why pay a personal trainer when we can have a customizable app that helps us choose the right workout every time? And one that then monitors our performance and encourages us every step of the way? No need to worry about when the gym is open or when the personal trainer is available.

Let’s face it: Our lives are faster-paced and more stressful than ever, which makes our time for exercise routines more precious than ever. An intelligent workout is one where we train efficiently and track our progress closely, so we can get maximum results from the time we spend exercising.

And an intelligent workout is one where we’re smart with our bodies in between trips to the gym. One where we listen to ourselves and avoid injury by making sure we’re completely recovered from the previous workout.

Check out the Jabra Elite Sport. And make your ordinary workout an intelligent workout.


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