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Versionsinformation för

Version: 2.0.0
Lanseringsdatum: October 20, 2020


• New feature: ANC*
• Fixed: call audio imbalance
• Fixed: call audio was missing in some cases with some specific phones
• Fixed: in some cases call audio was crackling in left ear-bud
• Fixed: a reboot happened when answering a call in some cases
• Fixed: music volume increased for AAC codec
• Performance and stability improvements

*Requires Jabra Sound+ 4.7 or later


Version: 1.31.0
Lanseringsdatum: May 28, 2020


• New feature: MySound. Tailor music to your individual hearing profile*
• New feature: MyControls*
• Updated: charging case firmware
• Fixed: in some cases audio stops in ear-buds even though the music is still playing from the music player
• Fixed: left ear-bud lost audio after a call/voice assistant.
• Performance and stability improvements

*Jabra Sound+ version 4.3 or later required

Version: 1.28.0
Lanseringsdatum: March 31, 2020


• Updated: charging case firmware
• Updated: audio improvements
• Fixed: in some cases call audio is low when ear-buds connects to phone during a call
• Performance and stability improvements

Version: 1.27.0
Lanseringsdatum: February 13, 2020


• Updated: connectivity between left and right ear-buds improved
• Updated: charging case improvements
• Fixed: in rare cases the ear-buds are not fully charged in the charging case
• Fixed: audio drop out in left ear-bud after approximately 75 minutes
• Fixed: audio goes in and out in right ear-bud related to HearThrough
• Performance and stability improvements

Version: 1.25.0
Lanseringsdatum: December 16, 2019


• Updated: firmware for charging case
• Updated: Call experience, incoming audio adjusted
• Fixed: when using auto pause feature, music does not resume in rare cases
• Fixed: when accepting an incoming call, the audio is lost sometimes
• Fixed: when resuming a call on hold in Multiuse scenario, the audio is lost in rare cases   
• Performance and stability improvements

Version: 1.24.0
Lanseringsdatum: November 22, 2019


• Updated: Audio experience
• Updated: charging case firmware 
• Updated: Battery status LED
• Performance and stability improvements

Version: 1.21.0
Lanseringsdatum: November 06, 2019


  • Updated: general audio experience e.g. voice prompts
  • Updated: call audio experience
  • Updated: music experience
  • Updated: charging case LED and charging behavior
  • Performance and stability improvements

Version: 1.20.0
Lanseringsdatum: October 31, 2019


• First public release