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Versionsinformation för

Version: 2.7.7
Lanseringsdatum: April 05, 2022


Fixed: not able to reconnect with Jabra Sound+ app on iOS
Fixed: pitch tone in certain case when close to ultrasound sensors 
Performance and stability improvements


Version: 2.6.0
Lanseringsdatum: May 04, 2021


• Fixed: Mono audio in certain cases

Version: 2.5.12
Lanseringsdatum: April 20, 2021


• Updated: added support for Mono USB audio in 44.1 khz
• Updated: added voice prompt (call answered) when using boom arm for call handling
• Fixed: issue in Japanese voice prompts
• Fixed: issue when pairing voice prompt continued in loop until Bluetooth pairing was established, but device used for USB audio only 
• Fixed: reboot when changing volume on Apple M1 Mac’s
• Performance and stability improvements

Version: 2.4.5
Lanseringsdatum: September 07, 2020


• New feature: Support for USB audio.
• New feature: User can manually turn Busylight on/off when not on a call*
• Updated: Audio performance optimization.
• Fixed: Headset flashes red despite full battery.
• Fixed: Microsoft Teams notification turns off if headset is taken off and the call is ended. 
• Performance and stability improvements.

*Requires Jabra Sound+ 4.5

Version: 2.3.13
Lanseringsdatum: July 14, 2020


• Updated: improved microphone performance
• Updated: motion sensor sensitivity improved
• Fixed: performance of sidetone
• Fixed: music starting unexpectedly
• Fixed: incorrect battery level registered when connecting/disconnecting 
• Performance and stability improvements

Version: 2.3.9
Lanseringsdatum: May 05, 2020


Fixed: headset reboot during a Skype call
Fixed: not possible to unmute the call after the boom arm mute is disabled from Jabra Direct or Jabra Sound+
Bluetooth pairing enhancements in dual connectivity
Fixed: No "battery low" audio feedback when voice prompts is off
Updated: audio performance
Updated: LED behavior
Performance and stability improvements

Version: 2.3.1
Lanseringsdatum: April 14, 2020


  • First public release