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Se den senaste versionsinformationen om Jabra-produkten

Version: 2.31.0; Base firmware version: 2.31.0; Headset firmware version: 2.28.0
Lanseringsdatum: October 26, 2022


Fixed: device would enter sleep mode when in use with certain Windows versions
Performance and stability improvements

Note: requires Jabra Direct 6.4.28501 or newer


Version: 2.30.0; Base firmware version: 2.30.0; Headset firmware version: 2.28.0
Lanseringsdatum: September 04, 2019


  • Fixed: Reboot loop issue when used with certain Windows 10 versions.
  • Performance and stability improvements

Note: the release note has been edited June 14, 2022, to elaborate specifically on base and headset firmware version

Version: 2.29.0
Lanseringsdatum: April 25, 2018


  • Improved mute synchronization for Jabra Pro 930 when used with Cisco 8885 via USB.
  • Solved an issue sometimes causing no microphone for Jabra Pro 930 when used with Cisco 88xx phones.
  • Improved audio handling for Jabra Pro 930 when answering a softphone call.
  • Improved audio handling for Jabra Pro 920 when answering a new call right after ended call
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version: 2.23.0
Lanseringsdatum: September 10, 2015


  • Support for Pro 920/930 Duo headset
  • Minor error corrections

Version: 2.5.4
Lanseringsdatum: October 08, 2014


Power down timeout for headset:

  • The Headset will turn off automatically if it loses connection with base for more than 10 minutes.

Pro 925 and Pro 935 headset compatibility:

  • All of the LED on the base will flash rapidly if the Pro 925/Pro 935 headset is docked in the Pro 920/Pro 930 base

IQ compatibility:

  • The headset now works with Link 41 (Cisco Desk phone) and Link 40 (Panasonic Desk phone)

Version: 2.4.0
Lanseringsdatum: April 08, 2013


Value Pack 1 for Jabra Pro 900 Series

  • Optional WB audio on Jabra Pro 920 (NB default)
  • 5 User selectable base ringtones on Jabra Pro 930
  • Extended voice prompts
  • Enable/disable WB audio (Jabra Pro 920)
  • Ringer disable/enable (Jabra Pro 930
  • Select base ringtone (Jabra Pro 930)
  • Mute reminder disable/enable
  • Improved UI
  • Battery indication on base (traffic light)
  • General quality/stability improvements
  • Volume synchronization on Mac

Version: 1.17.0
Lanseringsdatum: July 16, 2012


Service pack 2 for Jabra Pro 900 Series

  • Acoustic shock protection fulfilling the conditions specified in the G616 industry guideline
  • General stability improvements

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