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Professional headsets and speakerphones

Below is our professional end-users divided into three user categories.

Call centric "I talk and listen on the phone with customers for a living."
Task based "I work with information and I need both concentration and collaboration."
On the move "I'm truly mobile and do my work on the go. Calls are crucial to my work."

For people that talk on the phone
for a living

Our Call Centric solutions are for agents, civil servants, traders and financial advisors who listen and talk for a living over the phone with customers to raise customer satisfaction by solving their problems. Conversation is key to their work, and they increasingly need to perform in calls in noisy environments that also allows for concentration prior to calls.

Call center headsets

Jabra Biz 2400II

Jabra Biz 2400II delivers outstanding sound on both ends of the call.

  • A headset that is built to last
  • All-day comfort for agents
  • World-class sound
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Jabra Engage Series

A range of headsets to boost customer satisfaction.

  • Industry-leading wireless performance and density.
  • Advanced noise cancelling microphone for crystal clear calls.
  • All day talk time and integrated busylight.
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For better concentration
and collaboration

Our Task-based solutions are for back office functions like marketing, R&D, supply chain, etc. whose work requires a high degree of concentration throughout the day. These solutions are also geared towards those who often need to share their knowledge with colleagues and external stakeholders through online based collaboration.

Office headsets

Jabra Evolve Series

The Jabra Evolve Series is a professional range of headsets offering best-in-class noise cancellation to enhance concentration and productivity in the open office.

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Jabra Speak Series

Whether you need a central speakerphone for your office boardroom or a portable device that’s perfect for travelling with you on sales pitches, the Jabra Speak series has the speakerphone for you.

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For people who are truly mobile
and work on the go

Our Calls-on-the-move solutions are for those who work with a high degree of mobility outside the office. They need to make calls while driving from one sales meeting to the next, or when moving from one location to another. For such professionals, hands-free calls are not an optional benefit they're a requirement.

Bluetooth mono headsets

Jabra Motion Office

A series of wireless headsets with full Unified Communications integration - the Jabra Motion UC wireless headsets series.

  • Superior call quality and all-day talk time
  • All-day comfort
  • Touch screen base and multi-device connectivity
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Jabra Stealth UC

Comfortable Bluetooth mono headset with up to 6 hours of talk time.

  • HD sound with noise reduction
  • Superior comfort in a small design
  • Dedicated voice control button
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