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Notification: Environmental compliance of Flight adapter of Jabra Elite 85h in EU Countries.

GN Audio (GNA), herewith would like to bring to the notice of its customers, that we have internally identified an issue with recent batches of flight adapters (being used with Jabra Elite 85h) provided by our supplier – being in non-compliance with minor part of REACH and RoHS requirements. An action has been taken immediately to quarantine all defective flight adapters across GNA’s supply chain, and to not use these parts in the final product packaging of Jabra Elite 85h.

The scope of defect is related to a small internal wire, concealed within the flight adapter, that cannot get in direct contact with the end user under the products normal use case scenarios. GNA confirms that there has been no evidences of travel adapters shipped with Jabra Elite 85h during 2019 to being defective.