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Download the Jabra Enhance Pro app to your mobile device. Use it to personalize and control your Jabra Enhance Pro hearing instruments.
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In order to best support those who are experiencing this new world, we've created support materials to help you familiarize yourself with this technology.

The files will automatically download when you click on them:
Jabra Enhance Pro app pairing guide
Live Assist Quick Guide
Remote Fine-Tuning Quick Guide



Manufacturer Warranty available through Costco

Hearing Instruments are covered for 3 years - Covers all product defects during the term of the original warranty. Warranty term covers all hearing instrument components, including receivers.
No extension of repair warranty is provided in the event of a repair during original warranty. Separate wireless accessories have a 1 year warranty.
Retailers may offer different warranties for Jabra Hearing products. Please consult your bill of sale or contact your retailer for specific information.

Loss and Damage

2 years - Loss and Damage coverage is subject to a one time replacement during the term of the warranty. There is no deductible or charge for this one time coverage.
Once utilized, no further Loss and Damage coverage is available on the hearing instrument. If a lost device is found after Loss and Damage has been claimed, it must be returned to Costco. L&D coverage on that device will not be reinstated.
May not apply in all countries. Please direct questions on Loss and Damage to your local Costco.

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Call us

For general questions about the Jabra Enhance Pro hearing instruments, contact Customer Service: +1-800-882-3636

For questions about pairing, the Jabra Enhance Pro app, or wireless accessories, contact Consumer Technical Support: +1-888-511-3864