Currently, our Jabra Sound+ App is unavailable for download in the Google Play Store. Our team is investigating the root cause and hope to have a solution soon, but we do not have an estimated timeframe at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.
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Item no:  Model number(s): Tria Sales and product information chevron_right Discontinued
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Item no: 
Model number(s): Tria
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Serial Number

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Registration and warranty

The VXi Tria Series will cease manufacture on April 3rd 2019. Sales will continue as long as there is stock.

After Market Service is ensured for all variants and accessories according to Jabra's warranty obligations.

To ease the transition from the VXi Tria Series, please refer to the migration matrix below.

VXi Tria

Item No.


Alternative Item No.

VXi Tria G QD, 3-in-1, UNC


GN2100 3-in-1, Noise Canceling, STD


VXi Tria P QD, 3-in-1, UNC


GN2100 3-in-1, Noise Canceling, STD and P-10 Adapter *

2104-820-105 and 01-0418 *

VXi Tria V QD, 3-in-1, UNC




*P-10 Adapter (01-0418) only available in 25pc packs