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Industry-leading noise cancellation

Noise cancellation covers many different types of noise-isolation. Speech Noise Cancellation ensures your voice is heard clearly on the other end of calls, while Active and Passive Noise Cancellation blocks out unwanted noise when you’re listening to music on your headset.

Optimized for speech

Good speech noise cancellation is essential for clear calls, and Jabra voice pick-up technology ranks as some of the best available. Using a combination of directional and omni-directional professional microphones, and advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms, Jabra technology makes sure that your voice is heard by the other side of the call, with almost no background noise. As well as this, laser-drilling of microphone holes creates a sharper edge, reducing wind noise and improving the voice experience even further.

In 2019, Jabra R&D developed a microphone for extreme sports athletes. Learnings gained here are now being incorporated in noise cancellation technology in our headsets and speakerphones.

The world’s first free anc

With Jabra, innovation doesn’t stop with the hardware. In a world-first, we upgraded Elite 75t earbud users to Active Noise Cancellation after purchase over-the-air, entirely free. We’re also in partnership with pioneering European company audEERING, developing the use of artificial intelligence in audio analysis. In future, this will enable Jabra products to harness the power of machine intelligence to analyse and counteract noise in all kinds of scenarios.

Quietly comfortable

Passive Noise Cancellation (PNC) is all in the design. We scanned hundreds of heads around the world to develop the ideal fit, carefully selecting materials to compliment the different types of skin in and around the ear. Our research showed that the optimum clamping force for best PNC and comfort is 2N – equivalent to around 200 grams, about the same weight as an average smartphone. What’s more, we engineer headphones to give the best clamping force for all shapes and sizes of head. So everyone gets a great fit.

Actively tackling noise

Our class-leading Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) excels in a variety of situations. We’re continually investing in its development, with particular focus on high-frequency ANC – the most difficult aspect of ANC to perfect. Using a range of methods including AI, our audio experts have developed a fully adjustable digital hybrid ANC, with microphones that instantly and constantly adapt your noise cancellation for any environment.

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