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Jabra has a strong history of producing best-in-class audio solutions. We combine solid geometries and high-quality materials to create a professional, premium look and feel; with softer, more inviting forms, materials and textures, paired with visually simplified tech elements, to create a harmonic, intuitive user experience.

Iain Pottie, Head of Design

Design philosophy

Design is at the heart of every Jabra product, and we recognize that our solutions hold a very privileged position on our bodies, and in the places we live and work.


Using this wealth of data, and our in-depth industry knowledge of the human ear, we have identified 18 critical measurement points in the ear, and analyzed those results across all 62,000 scans in our database.


Our earbuds are designed using the Mean Shape Ear; a stochastic model developed by Jabra, and compiled using our database of 62,000 unique ear scans from across the globe.


This process ensures we keep our users at the forefront of our minds throughout the design process, creating products that not only look great, but fit beautifully, are extremely comfortable, and perform exactly as they should.

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