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Best for gym headphones

Whether you’re the kind of gym-goer that needs something with a high bpm to help you get into a rhythm on the treadmill, or the type that enjoys listening to something uplifting to summon up the gusto for another workout, there’s no doubt that music can be a great motivator in the gym.

While some people find listening to music essential when they’re exercising, others find they need quiet for concentration, to really tune in with their bodies – but did you know headphones could help you do both?

Keep on tracking, with help from your headphones

At its core, an EQ manipulates frequencies. At the theoretical limit, a human can only hear from 20Hz to 20kHz, though most of the pitch your ears focus on is between 60Hz and 4kHz – and this is the domain of music. For example, the highest piano note is at 4,186Hz or 4,2KHz, and a bee flying produces a frequency of 250Hz. When you move a slider up or down on an EQ scale, you are increasing or decreasing the loudness of that particular frequency.

How do you use an equalizer?

For the keen gym-goer, tracking your activity is an essential way to make sure you’re getting the most from your workout. Jabra sport earphones are compatible with the Jabra Sport Life™ app, which allows you to plan your exercise routine, keep a detailed record of your workouts and keep in touch with your fitness levels.

Sport earphone models such as the Jabra Sport Pulse and Jabra Elite Sport have an in-ear heart rate monitor, meaning you can ensure you’re working in the right zone for your fitness goals, with a device that fits seamlessly into your workout, whether you’re listening to your favourite music at the same time or not!

Choosing the right shape

When wearing earphones for exercise, it’s important they feel comfortable. In-ear headphones are designed to stay put, but some styles come with extra features to help you feel confident that they’re going to stay in place no matter what.

For example, the Jabra Sport Pace in-ear headphones have an incorporated around-the-ear style clip for added comfort. Our other styles, such as the Jabra Sport Coach, the Jabra Sport Pulse and the Jabra Elite Sport, are designed to fit comfortably in your ear without an added clip. You can customise the fit to find a style that works best for you, so you needn’t worry about your earbuds slipping mid-run.

Not sure which model is right for you? Here’s a breakdown of the particulars:

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Great Sound, it’s engineered. Jabra Elite Sport.

Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless Earbuds

Recommended Products

Jabra Elite Sport

This model is perfect if you are:

  • Serious about sport
  • Looking to keep a detailed track of your activity, including your heart rate
  • In need of a comfortable solution, that can be tailored to you, without compromising on sound quality
  • Looking to strike the balance between filtering out distractions, while staying in touch with your surroundings – the Hear Through function lets you choose when to block out noise.
  • In need of headphones that are suitable for a variety of conditions - Jabra Elite Sport headphones are waterproof, and have a 3-year sweat damage warranty
  • Looking for our most high-end tech in headphone form

Choose this model if: you’re after state-of-the-art tech with the enhanced features and durability.

Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition

Key features include:

  • Excellent sound quality – block outside noise or increase the bass
  • In-ear heart rate monitoring and Automatic VO2 Max tracking – ideal for monitoring endurance, fitness and activity
  • Lightweight and secure – they won’t fall out
  • Voice coaching - perfect if you need tech that supports, and enhances, your workout, helping you to plan your training

Choose this model if: stats, tracking and monitoring your sports progress are important to you.

Jabra Sport Coach

Great for budding gym-goers, these are the world’s first sport headphones with automatic rep counting through TrackFit™ motion sensors.

Other great features include:

  • In-ear coaching thanks to compatibility with the Jabra Sport Life app – select a workout or create a custom one, workout with TrackFit™ motion sensors providing guidance along the way, and play music
  • Ideal for a mixture of workout styles, particularly indoor fitness
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Bass boost

Choose this model if: you’re looking to add an extra layer of motivation to your workouts.

Jabra Sport Pace

These wireless sports headphones have the following features:

  • Rapid charge – charge for just 15 minutes to get an hour’s worth of battery
  • Plan, adapt and keep motivated with Jabra Sport Life integration
  • Added behind-the-ear clip provides extra comfort and security
  • Lightweight – just 16 grams!
  • Easily switch between calls and music

Choose this model if: you prioritise secure comfort and sturdiness in your sports headphones.

Browse the full range of Jabra sports headphones here.