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The ins-and-outs of having four ears

by Daniel Gniazdo | March 02, 2017

At Jabra we engineer sound that you can really use – that will help you in your day-to-day lives. It takes technical capabilities and forward thinking to deliver sound that will truly transform how you work and play. And that’s why Jabra Elite Sport gives you four microphones in its earbuds.

Essentially, we provide you with “four ears” – two microphones for each ear – that allow sound in, or, with a single touch of an earbud, block sound out.

When you listen to music or make a call, you want to listen to what matters most – the tunes you’re playing or the voice of the person you’re speaking to. You want to block distracting background noise and Elite Sport allows this.

But what if you’re on the go? Earbuds, by their design, partially block sound waves from traveling down the external ear canal to your eardrum. When you’re traveling through busy city streets or you’re out running or cycling, awareness of what’s around you is less of a distraction and is more of a benefit – it’s a safety feature.

With just a single touch, Elite Sport’s HearThrough technology delivers ambient noise, via its microphones, into your ears, allowing you to better hear the outside world around you.

Jabra, as part of the GN Group, specializes in consumer, professional and medical-grade sound solutions, and the technology developed for one area of our business often finds its way into other areas of what we do. We’ve developed active and passive noise-cancellation technology for the office, for example, that provides benefits outside of noisy open office workspaces.

We also produced the world’s first Bluetooth® headset, and the world’s first sports headphones with an integrated heart-rate monitor, to name just a few of our technological achievements. With Elite Sport, we take earbuds to a whole new level.

Great sound should be standard – but it should also be functional; it must help you do something better, or safer, or more efficiently.

The HearThrough technology that delivers this is just a part of what makes Jabra Elite Sport the most technically advanced true wireless earbuds on the market.

You really have to hear it, to believe it.

Click this link to experience HearThrough


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