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Jabra Case Study

Boosting the productivity and collaboration of SME development in Malaysia

SAMENTA (Small and Medium Enterprises Association) is a non-profit organization in Malaysia. Its mission? Championing the development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) using policy consultation, market access, business promotion, and performance development.

Post-pandemic, SAMENTA has played an increasingly important role in encouraging more SMEs to go digital in order to future-proof their businesses. It actively represents SMEs by participating in and organizing over 100 trade events; including fairs, missions and a variety of programs worldwide, in addition to business matching and liaising/collaborating with government bodies, NGOs, and trade promotion organizations.

Key Facts





  • Jabra Speak2 75
  • Jabra Speak 750
  • Jabra PanaCast 20

Enhancing Audio Collaboration

Prior to deploying Jabra devices, council members were forced to rely on the built-in speaker in their laptop in order to follow, contribute and relay the conversation to the other people in the room. This caused multiple issues including misunderstandings and was highly detrimental to meeting quality and efficiency. The audio became distorted further affecting the quality and productivity of meetings.

To improve the meeting conditions, SAMENTA introduced innovative audio-visual solutions from Jabra,with the powerful trio of Jabra Speak2 75, Speak 750, and PanaCast 20. These additions revolutionized call quality, ensuring an enhanced collaboration experience that was smoother and more efficient than ever.

The solution

Jabra Speak2 75

  • Beamforming noise-cancelling microphones
  • Full duplex audio
  • Unique microphone quality indicator
Jabra Speak2 75

Jabra Speak 750

  • 360° omnidirectional sound pickup
  • Full duplex audio
  • HiFi speakers
Jabra Speak 750

Jabra PanaCast 20

  • AI-enabled image enhancement
  • 4K Ultra-HD video
  • Portable and lightweight design
Jabra PanaCast 20

Instant plug-and-play collaboration

Being able to collaborate effectively and professionally is vital for hybrid working, which is why having the right equipment is essential. Equipment like, Jabra Speak2 75 and Speak 750 speakerphones, which quickly and easily turn homes, offices, and anywhere in between, into the ideal meeting environment for the team.

“My colleagues agree the Speak2 75 is the perfect partner for our Zoom meetings. The innovative sound technology reduces any background noise, and the 360° light ring shows how well our voices are being picked up.”

Datuk William Ng, Chairman of SAMENTA

Speak2 75 improves meeting audio

With four beamforming, noise-cancelling microphones built to pick up voices from up to 250 meters away, Speak2 75 was ideal for the small to medium-sized meeting rooms that the team used. And, thanks to the color-coded 360° light ring they now know how clearly they’re being picked up, making it easy to adjust their tone and proximity to the speakerphone whenever they need to.

Speak2 75 is designed to make things more flexible too, offering seamless connection to laptops via USB or Bluetooth. And with USB-A and USB-C connectivity available on the same cable, the SAMENTA team no longer need to waste time searching for separate adaptors.

Seamless personal video conferencing

Engineered for intelligent AI-enabled personal video conferencing, Jabra PanaCast 20 automatically enhances your online image, delivering picture-perfect, premium video quality with its 4K Ultra-HD video and Intelligent Zoom feature.

“What I really like about the PanaCast 20 is how clear the visual is, especially when I’m tasked to undergo media interviews. Video meetings and interviews are much easier with the PanaCast 20. It is seamless to connect and has crystal-clear image and resolution, with no lag.”

Datuk William Ng, Chairman of SAMENTA

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