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Jabra + Genesys

Engineered for the best customer service

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Power customer satisfaction and smarter decisions with Jabra + Genesys
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Welcome to a new way of working with Jabra audio technology and Genesys contact centers

Together, Jabra and Genesys improve agent productivity, whether they work from home or the contact center. Leverage our latest audio technology with Genesys® contact centers, to deliver a consistent and transparent customer experience, elevating the voice of your brand and differentiating your services from the rest.

Man using Jabra Engage 50 II from Home Office

There’s a Jabra headset for everyone

Whether you’re just starting out and simply need great-sounding, robust audio devices, or if you’re looking for a longer-term solution that leverages data and analytics, we have a full range of headsets to support you and get the most from your Genesys investment.

Unleash the power of empathy in every customer interaction with Jabra Engage AI

Genesys is all about delivering incredible customer service, and now with Jabra Engage AI instantly integrated, it’s even easier for your agents to understand customers’ needs and give them VIP treatment on every call.

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