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Jabra Engage 50 Stereo & Mono
Engage 50 Stereo & Mono

The headset for the digital contact center

Jabra Engage 50 - A true digital headset

Is your contact center moving, or considering moving, to softphones? Are you investing in contact center platform – whether on-premise or cloud-based? The Jabra Engage 50 is the ideal digital headset to power your customer satisfaction.

The Jabra Engage 50 features a powerful processing chip in the earcup that delivers advanced functionality including call analytic data.

Works with your phone or platform.

Our headsets and speakerphones work out of the box with over 10,000 traditional desk phones. They are future-proof and compatible with all softphone and web clients, from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams to Mitel.

Providing excellent customer service starts with reliability. Jabra call center headsets are simple to use today, and will be simple to use tomorrow – no matter how you’ve set up your office.

Your customers will be happy, and so too will your workforce.

Want to know what headsets work with your phone or platform? Try our compatibility guide.




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Engage 50 Other Headset

Sound demo is for illustration only. Actual experience may vary.

3 microphone technology

A unique system of 3-microphones with intelligent noise-cancelation blocks out background noise and breathing sounds, so customers hear only the agents voice thereby delivering a superior call experience.

Hearing protection

Engage 50 offers the highest levels of hearing protection, including PeakStop™ 105 dB SPL and IntelliTone™ 2.0 and conforming to Noise at work, G616 and OSHA guidelines.

Intelligent Volume Control

Intelligent Volume Control enables incoming calls to be set to a user-defined sound level that stays constant for all day comfort.

Mute button

Volume dial

Status light indicator

Programmable button

Answer/End call button




Certified for Skype for Business and meeting Skype for Business Open Office requirements

The Engage 50 headset is certified for Skype for Business and meets Skype for Business Open Office requirements when used with the Microsoft variant of the control unit.




* Jabra SDK




* Jabra Xpress, Jabra Direct and Jabra SDK

For end-users
For IT managers

Jabra Direct

Engineered to optimize and personalize your headset.

  • Easily update the firmware of any Jabra audio device*, directly from the user-friendly Direct Dashboard.
  • Optimize your headset with sidetone, ringtone, audio protection levels, sound optimization for music, levels, and more.
  • Engage 50 offers boom arm positioning guidance for optimal call experience.
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* Jabra USB headsets and speakerphones and Bluetooth with a Link 360/370.

Jabra Xpress

Jabra Xpress

Engineered to boost productivity with always-updated headsets

  • Control deployment, settings and firmware updates for intelligent and efficient headset management.
  • Adjust performance based on background noise and headset usage analytics* for each individual Engage 50 user.
  • Supports all main operating systems**, and allows data storage in the cloud or on-premises with a high-degree of data protection.***
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* Headset dependent: Jabra Engage 50.

** Windows and Mac.

*** SOC II Type 1.




See recommended control unit accessories below

Enhanced hearing protection

Jabra Engage 50 features the next generation of hearing protection with Safetone™ 2.0 technology. This includes PeakStop™ 105 dB which cuts off sudden sound spikes at an even lower level than the regular Jabra PeakStop; Intelligent Acoustic Shock protection which removes potentially harmful sounds; and IntelliTone™ 2.0 which maintains average sound levels below predefined thresholds through the day. For more information on these and more innovations to safeguard intensive headset use, download our Hearing Protection white paper.

Download Hearing Protection Whitepaper

Jabra Engage 50 and Twilio Flex take customer service at Moneypenny to the next level

Moneypenny chose the Jabra Engage 50 because of the superior sound and easy integration with Twilio Flex.

Read more

Engineered to enhance your customer satisfaction

Engage 50 headsets are engineered by Jabra and hold 3 patents for technical innovations. 54,280 engineering hours were spent developing the product with intensive testing in the Jabra labs.

Frequently asked questions

What is a digital headset?

A true digital headset has the processing chip in the headset instead of in a control unit or cord. In fact, while most wireless headsets are already digital headsets, the Engage 50 is the first Jabra corded headset to have the chip in the headset itself. The Engage 50 uses the very latest chipset, and this, along with the positioning of the chip, delivers enhanced functionality and user experience.

What does a digital corded headset offer over a regular USB type headset?

Most likely a regular USB type headset does not have the chip in the headset itself which limits the hardware and software functionality it can deliver.

Do any other Jabra professional digital headsets offer software integration?

All Jabra USB headsets offer integration to Jabra Direct and Xpress software. However, the Engage 50 is the first Jabra headset to offer additional call analytic metrics.

What does the control unit offer, and why would I want to use it?

The control unit offers the user improved call control. The control unit is an optional accessory to the headset, with an ergonomic design to help agents work more efficiently.

If I choose not to use the control unit, can I just plug the headset into my laptop or docking station?


Can I still get the analytics even if I choose not to use the control unit?


Can I plug the headset into my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, if your mobile device has a USB-C socket that is compatible with voice calls.

We are just moving to softphones and only have USB-A laptops. Can we use the Engage 50 now and then later migrate to USB-C?

Yes – you will need to start by using the USB-A Extension Cord accessory or control box with USB-A connection. Just connect the headset to the Extension Cord, and then plug the Extension Cord into the USB-A port on your PC. Once you move to USB-C laptops, simply plug the headset into the USB-C laptop port.

Can I connect to a Mac, or is this headset only compatible with a PC?

Yes, it’s possible to connect to Mac.

How do you reprogram the status (busy) light?

The status light can be programmed to change pending on selected active events. The settings are made in Jabra SDK.

How do you re-program the control unit for speed dial?

Two numbers can be set-up for speed dial on the control unit. The settings are made in Jabra Direct.

For more frequently asked questions please visit the Jabra Engage 50 support page.

Technical specifications


  • Audio
    • User sound protection
      PeakStop™ 105 dB SPL, IntelliTone™ 2.0
    • Speaker frequency range
      20Hz – 20kHz
    • Microphone frequency range
      100Hz – 14kHz
    • Microphone type
      Digital MEMS microphones
    • Microphone bandwidth
      100Hz – 14kHz
    • Certifications
      Regulatory Approvals: CE, FCC, KCC, RCM, Noise at work, G616 and OSHA-compliant Industry Certifications: cTUVus, TCO / Skype for Business. Meets Skype for Business Open Office requirements
  • Fit & Comfort
    • Headset form factor
    • Boom arm flexible
    • Boom arm adjustable
      Yes (300°)
    • Ear cushions
      Soft leatherette
  • Ease of Use
    • Intuitive audio control
    • Status lights
      Yes – 2 (Stereo), 1 (Mono)
  • Connectivity
    • Connection
    • Operating range (cord length)
    • Cable type
      Flexible USB 2.0 cable
  • General
    • Box content
      Headset, pouch, clothing clip, Quick start guide, warning/warranty card
    • Main unit dimensions (W x D x H)
      150 x 193 x 62mm (Stereo), 135 x 193 x 62mm (Mono)
    • Weight (without cord)
      96g(Stereo), 61g(Mono)
    • Warranty
      North America: 3 year limited warranty, Europe/APAC: 3 year limited warranty
    • Operating temperature
      -10°C to +40°C (Humidity 5%~85% RH)
    • Materials used

Compatibility guide

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Apply for a free trial

We offer free trials for companies of 500+ employees, who are replacing their current devices or have a new project. T&Cs apply.

Immediate sales assistance

Live chat | 1-800-826-4656 | 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (EST)

Need technical support?

For product support and warranty-related questions, visit our support pages where you can find user manuals, FAQs, videos, contact information and more.

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