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Jabra PanaCast
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Jabra PanaCast


Jabra PanaCast
Jabra PanaCast
Jabra PanaCast
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Jabra PanaCast

Take that meeting where you are.

When you have the right equipment, anywhere is a meeting room. PanaCast lets you keep up with your meetings while working from wherever.

Huddle Room

Huddle up, without huddling in.

While huddling together is off the table, you can still make use of your small meeting rooms safely, with PanaCast.


The more you

There’s never been a better time to learn something new, and PanaCast is the perfect tool for distance learning.


The doctor will see you now.

From routine check-ups to phone consultations, PanaCast makes it easy to connect with your patients and staff remotely, and safely.


BFFs with all the right people 

Jabra PanaCast works with all leading video and audio conferencing solutions, and is certified for use with Microsoft Teams & Zoom. Be confident that your team can connect, whatever equipment they’re using.

180° field of view

Panoramic-4K video technology.

Traditional video conferencing cameras rarely provide the full picture. Jabra PanaCast covers the full 180° field of view.

Jabra PanaCast and Jabra Speak Series


Bringing the whiteboard back into the picture.

A simple whiteboard is one of the most powerful collaboration tools. But with more and more meetings going remote, using one can have its limitations – especially for those who aren’t in the room to see it. It’s time to reinvent the traditional whiteboard for modern ways of working.

Our intuitive new Whiteboard Sharing feature utilizes our unique 180° field of view to share content from up to three whiteboards digitally*. You can toggle easily between them via a simple, free setup in the Jabra Vision app, making PanaCast the most flexible content sharing camera on the market. This pioneering software uses advanced algorithms to capture your whiteboard content in real time, from any position in the room, displaying it clearly within your meeting for everyone to see, so nobody is left in the dark.

We’re bringing the whiteboard online.

*For optimum results, use black whiteboard markers and ensure that your whiteboard is placed within three meters of the Jabra PanaCast. 1m x 1.5m to 1.5m x 3m / from 3ft x 5ft to 5ft x 10ft sized whiteboards work best – for more information see our user manual.


Keep a virtual eye on your meeting rooms.

Managing multiple meeting rooms is much easier when you can see how they’re being used. Our Room Insights feature, which you’ll find within our Jabra Xpress software, allows you to utilize the unique data capture abilities of the Jabra PanaCast to manage your meeting rooms remotely.

Using data from PeopleCount – our pioneering feature which uses the camera’s 180° field of view to count the number of people present in a room – you can improve the utilization of your meeting spaces from the comfort of your office chair. Oh, and you can also make sure people are following local safety guidelines too.

Room Insights brings your meeting room data to your desk.


Indulge your inner control freak

Stay on top of your video devices and settings with Jabra Direct and Jabra Xpress software. Updating devices? Sorted. Managing key features? Tick. A complete overview of all your devices? What else did you expect? Download here.

Download Jabra Vision to set up PanaCast Whiteboard sharing on your calls.

Jabra Whiteboard

Manage and share your Whiteboard content in any virtual meeting.

Download Jabra Whiteboard User guide

Release notes

Jabra Xpress

Jabra Direct

Smart, secure, and free call management of all your video solutions, headsets and speakerphones.

Jabra Direct
Jabra Direct

Jabra Xpress

Upgrade your business with smart, secure, and free analytics and management tools.

Jabra Xpress
Jabra Xpress

Includes everyone

Intelligent Zoom.

Intelligent Zoom automatically includes everyone in the conversation, zooming in whenever meeting participants are present, optimizing screen real-estate.

Number of people in the meeting room:

Customer Stories

Don’t just take our word for it.

Many companies and public institutions recommend PanaCast.

Leica Geosystems
Carnegie Mellon University
Dolce Hayes Mansion
…we’ve deployed hundreds of PanaCast devices across Uber’s conference rooms.
Ravi Sharma
Head of Collaboration and AV Services, Uber
It’s truly the next best thing to being there
Benedikt Engler
Global Procurement, Leica Geosystems
We needed the latest in video camera technology to seamlessly connect and create cohesion among our various campuses
Stuart Evans
Distinguished Service Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Dolce Hayes Mansion has been extremely happy with PanaCast!
Geoffrey Sarabia-Mason
Director of Sales and Marketing at Dolce Hayes Mansion
PanaCast helped us connect teams to each other, especially in big meetings where we couldn’t possibly be in the same room with each other.
Sonny Vu
CEO and Founder of Misfit

Enhanced Audio

See the full picture. Hear the full story.

Combine Jabra PanaCast with the Jabra Speak 750 for an optimal video and audio experience that's like a face-to-face meeting. Certified for Microsoft Teams and works with all UC platforms.

Jabra Speak 710
Jabra Speak 750
Jabra Speak 750
Jabra Speak 750
Jabra PanaCast and Jabra Speak Series


How to connect in your meeting room.


Plug-and-play by bringing your own laptop.

Jabra PanaCast is plug-and-play but you can also combine with a hub or dock that also connects speaker, TV, power and internet, for a simple one-cable user interface.

Integrate with your meeting room solutions.

If you’re deploying Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Teams Rooms or similar integrated solutions, Jabra PanaCast simply plugs into your existing hub, dock or compute unit.

Plug-and-play with your laptop
Part of your meeting room solution
Jabra PanaCast Connection Guide
Jabra PanaCast Connection Guide

Buy now

Solution Builder.

Buying Jabra PanaCast? Make sure you get the right cables, hubs and mounting for your meeting room solution. Build your solution below and get the components you need.

Your basket

Solution Basket

Your meeting room

What kind of technology is in your small meeting room?

Do you already have speakers and microphone in the room?

What do you connect with to make calls?

Where will you place the camera in the room?

How far is the distance from the camera and the hub or computer?

How do you connect your laptop?

How many screens are in the meeting room?

Recommended solution

Jabra PanaCast Tested Peripheral Devices

There are several options for cabling and extending the connection between Jabra PanaCast and the host or dock. Please see below for our current list of approved cables, extenders, and USB hubs for use with Jabra PanaCast.

See recommended cables


UC Video Deployment Guide.

We know things can get complicated when you're deploying video to your meeting rooms. That’s why we've assembled a UC Video Deployment Guide with tools, calculators, checklists and templates for buying, specifying and setting everything up in the right way.

Get the guide

Cut down on deployment time and borrow from others with past experience, by downloading this handy guide.



Network bandwidth.

Video can stress your network, so if you’re rolling out a lot of cameras it’s important to make sure you're able to ensure a good experience.

Maximum bandwidth impact


Jabra PanaCast uses the same bandwidth as other 1080p cameras, despite the 180° view. You should allocate around 5mpbs of upload for every camera in use. Use this calculator to make a first estimation before doing your own tests.

5+ Mbps

Recommended bandwidth per 1080p camera in action.

30% peak utilization

During peak working hours, roughly 1/3 cameras are in use, on average. However this number can vary a lot.

Jabra PanaCast and Jabra Speak Series


Save room space with Jabra PanaCast.

Enabling better collaboration is just the beginning. It's possible to make significant financial savings, due to the 180° camera, as your real estate is utilized much better when it's possible to place the table right next to the wall.

Number of rooms
Rent Cost / m2
  • Units
Floor Space Saved
0 m2
Floor Space Wasted / m2 0 m2
Rent Saved 0
Legacy Webcam
72° ← Field of View → 180°
Jabra PanaCast

Frequently asked questions

What is a huddle room?

A huddle room is a small, easily accessible meeting space with informal seating for up to 8 people. The huddle room is ideally equipped with audio, video camera and screen capabilities, in order to enable functional working meetings.

Is Jabra PanaCast compatible with USB-C laptops?

The cable delivered with the camera is USB-A but it will work with USB-C via use of an adapter.

Does the camera work with Mac and PC?

Yes. It works with both systems.

Is PanaCast compatible with Microsoft Teams?

Jabra PanaCast is certified for Microsoft Teams and is compatible with Zoom, Cisco Webex and many more.

Is PanaCast supported in Jabra Direct?

Yes, it is fully supported.

What does the Jabra USB Hub offer?

The hub is a stationary in-room accessory which simplifies cable management and should ideally be fixed under the meeting room table. It provides all necessary inputs and outputs to streamline media management, so the end-user only needs to plug in one cable to start their meeting.

Can I use the camera without mounting it on the wall?

Yes. For more flexible installation, you can use the Jabra table stand accessory, as an alternative to the wall mount.

Can I use the camera on the go?

PanaCast is designed to be used as part of the stationary AV equipment in small meeting rooms. However, you can place the camera on top of your laptop or PC screen and use it on the go, thanks to the built-in flexible mount.

Does the camera have built-in microphones?

Yes, the microphones can be activated through the Jabra Direct App. However, for optimum audio quality and speakerphone capabilities we recommend using Jabra PanaCast together with Jabra Speak 750.

For more frequently asked questions please visit the Jabra PanaCast support page.

Awards and nominations

Technical specifications

  • Video
    • Field of view
      Horizontal: 180° / Vertical: 54°
    • Number of cameras
    • Light control
      Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness and White Balance
    • Stitching technology
      Dynamic real-time stitching technology, running in the onboard PanaCast Vision Processor
    • Supported resolutions
      Panoramic-4K: 3840 x 1080 @ 30fps
      1080 Full HD: 1920 x 1080 @ 30fps
      720p HD: 1280 x 720 @ 30fps
  • Audio
    • Microphones
      2 built-in microphones
  • Ease of Use
    • Camera controls
      Electronic Pan-Tilt-Zoom (ePTZ)
    • Adjustable field of view
      Choose between 90°, 120°, 140° and 180° through Jabra Direct
    • Flexible mount
      For easy placement on top of your monitor or laptop
  • Connectivity
    • USB plug-and-play
      USB-C port
    • Power
      Powered by USB 3.0 cable
    • System requirements
      Windows 7 or above
      macOS X 10.9 or above
      Linux Ubuntu 16.x or above
      Chrome OS
      USB 3.0 (supports USB 2.0 through the Jabra USB hub)
    • Certifications
      Microsoft Teams
    • Compatibility
      Zoom, Cisco Webex, Slack, Google Hangouts and more.**
  • General
    • Packaging dimensions (L x W x H)
      155 x 90 x 45 mm / 6.1 x 3.5 x 1.8 inch
    • Main unit dimension (L x W x H)
      102 x 67 x 20 mm / 4 x 2.6 x 0.8 inch
    • Box contents
      Camera, USB-C to USB-A cable (1 m/3 ft)
    • Weight
      3.53 oz / 100 g
    • Warranty
      2 years
    • Optional accessories
      Table stand (adjustable height: 152-317 mm / 6-12.5 inch), wall mount, 1.8 m cable, USB hub
    • Operating temperature
      0° C to 30° C
    • Operating humidity
      15% to 85% (non-condensing)


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Apply for a free trial

We offer free trials for companies of 500+ employees, who are replacing their current devices or have a new project. T&Cs apply.

Immediate sales assistance

Live chat | 1-800-826-4656 | 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (EST)

Need technical support?

For product support and warranty-related questions, visit our support pages where you can find user manuals, FAQs, videos, contact information and more.

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