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How to hack productivity in the office with New Ways of Working

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Finally, a book that illustrates not only the challenges, but more importantly, the opportunities of New Ways of Working. As part of a dispersed and virtual organization, this book inspires me on how we better organize and conduct work for the benefit of ourselves and our customers.

Klaus Trolle, Chief Marketing Officer, eMarketeer

“Get S#!t Done” is a strong contribution to the debate about the future of work. A joy to read, tangible and to-the-point, mine is already full of sticky notes and dog ears. If you’re looking to hack the productivity curve - presonally or as a team - this book should be at your side.

- Chris Lewis, CEO of LEWIS and author of “Too Fast to Think”

The New Ways of Working initiative is re-thinking the way we organize work, nudging us toward a more attractive workplace that both drives productivity and engagement. This book counters key challenges we face in the modern workplace with cases and insights, but just as important it is a good and inspirational read.

Peter Green, Global Director, People Strategy & Planning, Coca-Cola Nordic Services ApS


Today’s fast-as-light business climate demands a relentless pursuit of productivity – one that while vital for survival, also drains our finances, stifles innovation and exhausts our employees. Fortunately, there is another way. New Ways of Working is a rallying cry for a radical transformation of how we organize our work and get more done. At its heart is the power and autonomy of the individual. New Ways of Working is about surrounding people with technologies, processes and a culture that helps them achieve their full potential by feeling more appreciated, engaged and fulfilled in the workplace. Business success today – and tomorrow – isn’t reserved for those who work harder; it belongs to those who adopt New Ways of Working.

Holger Reisinger Senior Vice President Global Accounts, Products and Alliances, Jabra

With more than 22 years of experience within IT and telecommunications industries, Holger is a passionate and visionary spokesperson for New Ways of Working. He holds an MSc. in Economics and Information Management from the University of Applied Sciences and Technologies in Salzburg, Austria.

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