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Visual data security made easy

Jabra Screen Lock is Jabra's first micro app for PC, designed to provide immediate on-screen data protection.

Get the App

  • Download & install Jabra Screen Lock and your Jabra devices are automatically detected*
  • Simply unplug the headset from the inline controller to trigger the lock action and  your on-screen data is now secured 
  • * Jabra Evolve 80, Evolve 40, Jabra Link 230, Link 260 + Jabra QD Headsets

Download the app Download Datasheet
Download user guide

Just unplug your headset.

Jabra Screen Lock is a standalone desktop software application that discreetly locks your PC screen, hiding sensitive data away from visitors to your desk or office.

It’s as simple as it sounds; just unplug Jabra headset from its inline controller for discreet on-screen peace of mind.

Jabra intelligent technology

Jabra Screen Lock takes advantage of Jabra Intelligent Technology (Communications Centric Contextual Intelligence) to trigger a ‘lock action’ of the PC.

Unplug your Jabra headset from the inline controller and your screen discreetly locks hiding away sensitive on-screen data.

Choose your lock action

Jabra Screen Lock can be configured to initiate either screen lock, screen saver, sleep or hibernate mode.

It can also be programmed to lock immediately or apply a 15 second delay, for even more discreet on-screen locking in front of colleagues and associates. Jabra Screen Lock is all about discretion and security.

Jabra Screen Lock provides screen locking with the following devices