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Jabra Authorized Resellers

Jabra Authorized Partner

To receive the best customer experience, we strongly advise you to purchase Jabra products through our exclusive network of Authorized Resellers, or direct from Jabra. We take our brand, our products, and intellectual property very seriously and have invested heavily in protecting it across the Internet, at retail, and with our B2B partners. We monitor the Internet marketplaces closely and continue to identify and remove unauthorized resellers.

Authorized Business Solution Resellers
Authorized Consumer Product Resellers


Why You Should Buy From Authorized Resellers

  • Professional Sales Experience and Support
    Authorized Resellers have access to the latest Jabra promotional offers and new products to help you have an excellent audio experience. Authorized Resellers have training on our products and services to develop their expertise, and have access to Jabra Technical Support for after-sales service on your behalf. You can be confident knowing your product is legally sourced and backed by a qualified sales and support team.

  • Avoid Counterfeit and Grey Market Goods
    Popular brands are often copied in countries with little or no intellectual property laws, and these fake products often make their way across the world to unauthorized resellers. While they may have a low price and look real at first glance, they do not have our award-winning technology and sound quality. Unauthorized resellers often deal in grey-market goods- those designed for one region or market, but exported to another without Jabra’s approval. Since they are designed for other regions, they may have product information in foreign languages and different power accessories.

  • Genuine New Product and Warranty Support
    Used or open box product is often misrepresented and sold as new, shipped in bulk packaging, and may have missing documentation or accessories. Used goods are often found at Internet auctions or marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, and may be for sale at vastly lower prices. Jabra warranties are non-transferrable, so used goods must either be sold with a reseller’s own warranty, or none at all.

What Can I Do?

To be a Jabra Authorized Reseller, resellers agree to adhere to our policies to ensure you receive quality products and service designed for your geographic territory. They are vetted by Jabra and agree to sell to end users only, and not purchase from or sell to the “grey” market of exported goods.

If you are ever in doubt about a reseller, contact Jabra North America at to verify a reseller's status, or report an unauthorized reseller.

Report a Counterfeit product