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Unauthorized Reseller List and Warning

Jabra’s Limited Warranty is available to the first end-user purchasing from an authorized reseller. If the product is then sold or otherwise transferred to another party, the Warranty will automatically terminate prior to expiration. Many unauthorized Internet resellers and end-user sellers list “like new”, used, or refurbished products as New, and these are not eligible for Jabra warranty service.

To receive the best customer experience, we strongly advise you to purchase Jabra products through our exclusive network of Authorized Resellers, or direct from Jabra. We take our brand, our products, and intellectual property very seriously and have invested heavily in protecting it across the Internet, at retail, and with our B2B partners.

Please note, this is not an all-inclusive list of parties that are not authorized resellers, and all authorized resellers should be verified by checking on our partner list at prior to any transaction, or contacting us at

  • Global Teck Worldwide / – Reston, VA
  • Stavvy Sales – Brooklyn, NY
  • BecTech Global / Tusky / Arbitech / Becella’s Etc – Irvine, CA
  • /NeutronUSA – State College, PA
  • Discount Monkey Inc – Brooklyn, NY
  • NotaBene Inc – Valley City, OH
  • ChesterNetworks – Nottingham, PA
  • DocStockerStore LLC – Littleton, CO
  • Bilsonic – Newark, NJ
  • Always in Touch – Stamford, CT
  • Secure Hardwares – Moonachie, NJ
  • Rally Bargains Inc - Spring Valley, NY
  • Technology Traders – Lake Mary, FL
  • Tech-Data Wholesale
  • Price Master Jay
  • POS Global / – Plano, TX
  • IT Mars / I.T. Mars
  • Lux-tel
  • My Goods / Limited Goods - Owings Mills, MD
  • Olive Branch Enterprises – Monsey, NY
  • ROCKLAND SALES / Ontime Goods Inc – Brooklyn, NY
  • Telstraight International Incorporated – Torrance, CA
  • Telquest International / American Telecom Headquarters / ATHQ – Fairfield, NJ
  • Supply Express USA – Buffalo, NY
  • PARKDEALS – Lakewood, NJ
  • Triplenet Pricing INC / Discover Group – Newark, DE
  • TWAcomm - Fountain Valley, CA
  • Wireless Cloud / Diamond Wireless – Harriman, NY