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Jabra Case Study

DMM choose Jabra wireless headsets for their contact centers

DMM LLC is a Japan-based electronic commerce and Internet company with a diversified group of over 60 businesses that includes the entertainment site. The group’s contact center provides customer support for many of their different companies, handling enquiries across a large range of products and services. With their existing corded headsets coming to their end of life, DMM wanted to move to wireless headsets.

Key Facts



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  • Jabra Engage 55

The Challenge

The company were interested in wireless headsets because their operators increasingly needed the freedom to walk about to check equipment while on the phone to customers.

The company decided to try out several headsets, including Jabra's, before making its selection.

“With a wired headset, you can't leave your seat while wearing the headset, and you have to put the call on hold when you go to pick up equipment to resolve customer issues. This reduced productivity and, more importantly, kept our customers waiting," said Mr. Nakagawa, Chief of the Customer Support Department at the company. DMM invested in the Jabra Engage 55 stereo headsets for their operators.

The solution

Jabra Engage 55

  • Incredible wireless range
  • Superior audio and fit
  • Plug-and-play
Jabra Engage 55

Top for sound and wearing comfort

While Mr. Nakagawa says that while he was attracted to the convenience of wireless, he also had some concerns. “I wondered if the sound quality would be good enough with wireless technology. Would the connection remain uninterrupted over a distance? That's why we decided to verify these points and asked some of our operators to use and evaluate the headset in real-life situations compared to a range of wired headsets.”

The result? Jabra's Engage 55 beat even the best wired headsets and received the highest-rated feedback for sound quality, fit, and durability from the operators.

“Operators found other headsets were too tight and uncomfortable on their ears while customers complained that they couldn’t hear the operator clearly. Engage 55 stood out as having the highest satisfaction rating from our operators for sound quality and wearing comfort.”

Mr. Nakagawa, Chief of the Customer Support Department, DMM

Faster call handling. Increased customer satisfaction

The ability for operators to move around and pick up equipment while still on the phone to customers means that calls are now resolved faster, without having to put customers on hold. Operators can also now answer calls while away from their desk, enabling operators to handle more calls during a shift. Supervisors can also now easily walk round to an operator who needs extra support during a call to give immediate assistance.

“Engage 55 has increased our team’s mobility, making it easier for them to work more efficiently, and also improved customer satisfaction by eliminating the need to keep customers waiting.”

Mr. Nakagawa, Chief of the Customer Support Department, DMM

The final verdict

The introduction of the Engage 55 headsets has been welcomed by the staff. Operators and supervisors highly rate the headsets saying that it is "luxurious and looks cool," "comfortable to wear," "the sound quality is excellent” and “I'm very happy with it!"

Mr. Nakagawa concludes “This next-generation wireless headset changes the way contact centers work, driving productivity, and customer satisfaction.”

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