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Jabra Case Study

Excellent connectivity. Quality sound. Compatibility and mobility. Why Jabra is the ideal choice in global insurance.

Founded in 1918, MS & AD is one of the world's leading insurance companies. Serving customers in 42 countries around the world, MS & AD is proud to be the only non-life insurance company doing business in all 10 ASEAN countries.

Key Facts



Avaya & CTI platforms


  • Jabra Engage 65

Meeting every need. All day long.

Impressed by their 150m wireless connectivity range, Mitsui Sumitomo chose Jabra Engage 65 wireless headsets for their contact center staff.

To provide timely support to their agents, contact center supervisors need a comfortable headset, which allows them to move freely around the office, while remaining in crystal-clear contact with their wider team.

Mr Hokiyama, was in charge of selecting headsets for the company. For him, there was only one choice, Jabra Engage 65. “The connection is stable, the sound quality is good, and it's light to wear – so even if I wear it for a long time, I don't get tired. There are no drawbacks, Jabra Engage 65 covers everything I need.”

The solution

Jabra Engage 65

  • Industry-leading wireless performance
  • Crystal-clear calls
  • Takes security in wireless calls to the next level
Jabra Engage 65

Engineered for ease

Mr Hokiyama says that compatibility with the company’s communication platform of choice was another major reason for choosing Jabra. “We use Avaya and CTI platforms, and part of the appeal of Engage 65 is that it’s engineered to work with them, so connecting to a PC or phone is smooth and simple, unlike with other headsets we’ve used. We ultimately chose Engage 65 because it is so easy to use.”

Put to the test against the competition, Jabra emerges as ‘the only’ answer

Integrating new equipment with existing software is a key consideration whenever an organization invests in an upgrade. We’re so confident in our devices ability to integrate seamlessly, we provided MS & AD a free trial, so they could see for themselves.

“We also ordered and compared non-Jabra products, testing them all out to see how they helped us to perform. Ultimately, Jabra was the only brand that offered all the elements we wanted. The free trial relieved me of my anxiety, and enabled me to make my decision with confidence. Jabra's support is [also] quick and helpful - both during and after the devices were deployed” Mr Hokiyama explained.

Get started

Get the low down from our experts on our products, compatibility and UC deployments that make the most sense for your organization.

Try Jabra for free

Time to replace your current devices? Starting a new project? If your company has 100+ employees, why not sign up for a free trial. T&Cs apply.

Something not adding up?

If you’ve got questions, you’ll find all the answers here (well, almost all). Our support pages are home to technical and product support, warranty-related questions, user manuals, FAQs, videos, and contact information you need. If you’re seeking the meaning of life, you might find it here – who knows?

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