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Jabra Case Study

Jabra and Amazon collaborate with Fujitsu to improve call center performance

Japan’s number one IT service provider, Fujitsu are global IT superstars. With customers in 180 countries, they’re the 10th largest IT service provider in the world, With an operation that size, Fujitsu operate seven global contact centers, in multiple languages.

Recognizing the benefit of a technology partner with extensive audio technology experience, to ensure the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, Fujitsu chose Jabra headsets for their contact center employees.

Key Facts

IT & Communications


Amazon Connect


  • Jabra Engage 50

The highest quality. In the most efficient way.

When you’re operating seven contact centers, delivering the highest quality customer service, in the most efficient way, is far from easy. Especially when those contact centers are spread across the globe and operate in multiple languages.

To deliver these big ambitions, Fujitsu set out to unify and migrate their global legacy contact center systems onto the Amazon Connect platform. As well as increasing operational efficiency, the move aimed to boost the quality of customer service Fujitsu can offer, taking advantage of next generation contact center capabilities, including improved analytics, sentiment analysis, machine learning and AI.

The solution

Jabra Engage 50

  • Three intelligent microphones
  • Superior noise cancellation, even in loud environments
  • Built-in hearing protection
Jabra Engage 50

“Jabra headsets deliver superior call quality, enabling us to deliver better customer service and improved agent performance.”

Alex Sanchez, Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer, Head of Global Offering Technology and GDC Networks, Fujitsu

Voice recognition accuracy is critical

Amazon Connect Contact Lens, a real-time contact center analytics and quality management powered by machine learning, enables Fujitsu to transcribe customer conversations and analyze customer sentiment – crucial in delivering the highest possible customer satisfaction.

Accurate voice recognition is critical to this success, because it relies on accurate call transcription data. That’s where our headsets’ advanced noise cancellation and premium microphone technology, come in. Fujitsu uses the Jabra Engage 50. The intelligent microphones offer incredible voice pick up and background noise cancellation that significantly increases audio quality, and voice recognition accuracy, in turn maximizing the conversational analytics capabilities of Fujitsu’s partnership with Amazon Connect Contact Lens.

“Jabra headsets deliver enhanced audio quality, providing improved voice recognition and sentiment analysis with Amazon Connect Contact Lens, enabling us to deliver better customer service and increased operational efficiency.”

Alex Sanchez, Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer, Head of Global Offering Technology and GDC Networks, Fujitsu

Getting the job done

Unifying contact center infrastructure across seven disparate contact centers and migrating it all on to one system was a massive task.

“The three-way partnership between Fujitsu, Amazon Connect and Jabra, has been fundamental in meeting our very complex, customized contact center platform to meet business environment needs” comments Alex Sanchez. By working closely with Jabra and Amazon Connect throughout, Fujitsu were able to meet all their business-specific needs and complete the migration in only nine months, unlocking increased operational efficiency, reducing costs, improving contact center performance, and boosting customer satisfaction.

Standardizing on Jabra headsets across the contact centers, has helped Fujitsu deliver top-of-the-range voice recognition and noise reduction, allowing them to maximize their data from Amazon Connect, all leading to enhanced call quality for both their agents and, crucially, their customers.

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