What Is a Speakerphone?

A speakerphone is a device that uses a microphone and a loudspeaker simultaneously so a person(s) can communicate with others without using a headset or a handheld unit. It is a common feature on most wireless, landline and mobile phones, and comes as a standard accessory in many cars.

Car Speakerphones

A car speakerphone can be built-in or a portable unit that can be manually attached to the sun visor. They are a convenient and safe way to talk on the phone while driving. For people who live in a region where using a handheld cell phone is illegal while driving, a speakerphone allows the driver to keep their hands on the wheel while talking on the phone.

Most car speakerphones use Bluetooth technology that enables a wireless connection between your mobile and the car speakerphone.

Some Bluetooth car speakerphones have voice activation which means instead of manually pressing a button, you can place a call or answer a call with the sound of you voice. A Bluetooth car speakerphone usually has better sound quality than cell phones on speakerphone mode and built in car speakerphones.

Conference Call Speakerphones

A speakerphone is also used for conference calls. There are speakerphones available as a built-in feature on most laptops, but the sound quality is not optimal especially when there are several people on the call. Therefore, conference call speakerphones are a good choice. Many speakerphones can be connected to the USB port on your laptop or wireless with Bluetooth. Most are compatible with your laptop software and Unified Communications solutions so it’s easy to plug and use. The laptop will detect the speakerphone automatically. Portable conference call speakerphones can turn a room into a conference room, with clear sound and excellent voice transmission.

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