Micro apps for PC

Always keen on offering the best user experience through innovation, Jabra now offers easy-to-use Windows software micro applications, to exten the value of Jabra audio devices and anticipate users’ needs. Delivering highly targeted functionalities, Jabra Micro Apps enable users to take full advantage of their Jabra devices' benefits and beyond.


Jabra Screen Lock

Adding Jabra Screen Lock to your Jabra audio solution* is an easy and smart way to secure the on-screen most sensitive data in one click.
*Jabra Evolve 80, Evolve 40, Jabra Link 230, Link 260 & Jabra QD headsets

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Jabra CC Agent App

The Jabra CC Agent App improves Cisco Finesse Call Center agents’ productivity by shaving seconds off call handling times. This app enables frequently used call features to be easily controlled from the agent’s Jabra headset controller on the Jabra Biz 2300 USB and Jabra Biz 2400 II CC USB headsets or Jabra QD headsets with Jabra Link 260 USB adapter.

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Jabra CC Workspace Plug-ins

Designed to extend the value of your Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition solution, these two free software plug-ins from Jabra help improve call center agents’ efficiency.

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Looking for Apps for your smartphone

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